Media release: James Gargasoulos fit to stand trial

Monday 29 October 2018
Genna Angelowitsch and Michael Lombard


The lawyer representing five of the families of the victims in the Bourke street rampage, Ms Genna Angelowitsch from Adviceline Injury Lawyers says the families welcome the jury verdict today.

“The families of the victims welcome the jury’s verdict that Mr Gargasoulas is fit to stand trial,” Ms Angelowitsch said.

“The jury’s decision will mean a resolution to these lengthy proceedings. The families thank the Court for bringing on the trial so quickly. It may help to bring some closure.” she said.

The families otherwise request their privacy be respected.


Adviceline Injury Lawyers represent the families of five of the victims, Zachary Bryant, Jess Mudie, Matthew Si, Bhavita Patel and Yosuke Kanno.

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