Media release: James Gargasoulas sentenced

Friday 22 February 2019
Genna Angelowitsch


Victims’ families say “The sentence is not harsh enough” in Gargasoulas verdict according to their lawyer, Genna Angelowitsch from Adviceline Injury Lawyers.

Ms Angelowitsch read the following statement on the steps of the Supreme Court today from Melinda Tan, who was widowed due to the incident.

“There is no excuse for murder.

If you are a danger to society you should never be allowed to roam freely.

The sentence is not harsh enough.

Our family hopes that no one will ever have to suffer a similar fate as those who lost their loved ones and will continue to struggle with survival.

We are looking forward to the inquest to shed light on past mistakes and to enforce changes that are needed.”

Adviceline Injury Lawyers represent the families of five of the victims: Zachary Bryant, Jess Mudie, Matthew Si, Bhavita Patel and Yosuke Kanno.

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