Increased transparency planned for the National Redress Scheme

Friday 7 February 2020
Bree Knoester

Participation in the National Redress Scheme by non-Government institutions has more than doubled over the past year following sustained pressure from the Morrison Government.

Across Australia the total number of sites (including churches, schools, children’s homes and charities) has also increased from 41,900 to 47,600, with state and territory ministers committing to add further pressure to non-participating institutions with redress liability to sign up.

Acknowledging that the process of redress for survivors has been slower than hoped, the Minister for Families and Social Services has confirmed that the Government will, over the next few months, establish a reporting framework which will set out the appropriate timelines for the finalisation of applications. This framework will also allow survivors and community members to have a better understanding of application processes and transparency over progress.

Bree Knoester, Managing Partner at Adviceline Injury Lawyers, says that although there is improvement to participation by organisations and transparency by government, there is still significant room for growth across the board.

“Many survivors, frustrated by the lack of progress with the redress scheme, are increasingly seeking advice about making a civil claim.

“Adviceline has been working with a number of survivors of institutional abuse to reach out of court settlements and achieve a more comprehensive settlement.”

If you or a loved one are a survivor of sexual abuse and would like free legal advice about your compensation options, contact Adviceline Injury Lawyers on (03) 9321 9988.

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