Historical Mornington icons raise asbestos concerns

Thursday 14 May 2020
Bree Knoester

A number of colourful beach boxes along the Mornington Peninsula were found to have potentially dangerous amounts of asbestos.

Erected in 1862, almost 2000 beach boxes line the shores in an array of bright colours.  Recognised as famous tourist attractions, these bright huts draw thousands of visitors to the Peninsula every year.

Recent swab tests found worrying levels of asbestos fibres under the roofs of 120 of the beach boxes.  The results of a further 500 are unknown.

Bree Knoester, Managing Partner at Adviceline Injury Lawyers, was concerned to hear of the recent asbestos findings which could be deemed a health risk to owners and visitors in close proximity of the boxes.

“Any exposure to asbestos fibres is a cause for concern and it is important that these boxes are maintained well to ensure no damage to any asbestos affected areas, which could result in loose asbestos dust and fibres.”

If you believe you have contracted an asbestos related disease, contact our dust diseases expert, Bree Knoester on (03) 9321 9879 to discuss your options.

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