A cosmetic conundrum

A cosmetic conundrum

Our client underwent a liposculpture procedure to his upper, lower and sides of his abdomen. In the days following the procedure, our client was experiencing a sensation of pressure in the abdominal area and noticed that his stomach was more bloated than it was before the procedure.

Our client attended the surgeon who performed the original procedure and spoke about the symptoms he was experiencing. The surgeon advised that our client should undergo a tummy tuck procedure that would alleviate his symptoms and give him his desired cosmetic result.

At first, our client was hesitant to undergo this procedure due to the risk of abdominal scarring however the surgeon reassured him that the scarring would be minimal. On this basis, our client consented to the procedure.

When our client woke up from the procedure, he noticed two large scars across his abdomen and his bellybutton had been replaced off centre and towards the right of his abdomen. He experienced swelling to his abdomen after the surgery.

Our client’s long term effects of the procedure included permanent scarring to his abdomen, displaced belly button, no change in his abdominal size to prior to the first surgery and his desired cosmetic result was not achieved. Our client suffered, and continues to suffer, from both physical and psychological impacts of this injury.

Our medical negligence lawyers, Paula Shelton, Special Counsel, and Jyoti Haikerwal, lawyer, represented and helped the client achieve a six-figure settlement sum for his injuries. 

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