Asbestos exposed in the Greek community

Asbestos exposed in the Greek community

Originally published in Neo Kosmos Working together with Deidre Petrakis at our Epping and city offices, Bree Knoester is passionate about fighting for the rights of asbestos sufferers. Bree is the Managing Partner at Adviceline Injury Lawyers and head of the Asbestos Litigation practice. In 2015, Bree's department acted for Greek families living in Australia or Greece who needed advice for family members affected by exposure to asbestos. Bree has personally acted for many sufferers of asbestos diseases - a disease which has touched her own family. Growing up in the Latrobe Valley, Bree witnessed first-hand the devastating effect of widespread asbestos use. Her grandfather, a local builder, often enlisted her mother and uncle to help cut up asbestos cement sheeting. Bree had family members work at the power stations where asbestos lagging was common. Between 1920 and 1980, more than 140,000 Latrobe Valley power station workers were exposed to asbestos and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma - an asbestos cancer - at 7 times the state average. For many years Bree worked as a barrister and acted for hundreds of injured workers. In 2014, she returned to private practice where she could work with and help sufferers of asbestos diseases and their families every day. Bree and Deidre have a special interest in helping the Greek community, and the firm has extensive experience running cases in Australia and Greece for asbestos sufferers. Deidre is fluent in Greek and passionate about making a difference to the lives of those who have been injured. As a Greek speaking lawyer, Deidre is an important part of the team in Epping and she is able to ensure that clients of Greek background have the advantage of an experienced bilingual lawyer. For clients and families who reside overseas, Deidre is able to help navigate the challenges of bringing a claim in Victoria when clients live in Greece and also working with the medical profession throughout Greece to help obtain the best evidence for her clients. Together with Bree's personal experience and work as an adOthere for her clients, Bree and Deidre provide clients with a dedicated, expert and multilingual team. Whether you are living in Australia or Greece, if you have been exposed to asbestos and want an obligation free appointment with experts who know your rights and speak your language, you can call our Greek line on (03) 9321 9788. They can help you arrange a medical examination, speak to you about your exposure and let you know if you have a claim. It does not matter if your exposure was many years ago. Adviceline Injury Lawyers can help. Bree Knoester and Deidre Petrakis of Adviceline Injury Lawyers help Greek families living in Australia or Greece who have asbestos related illnesses.[/caption]

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