What are my entitlements?

No two claims are the same, and the amount of compensation claimable varies according to the severity of the injury or illness and the effect that it has had on your life.

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If your exposure was after 1 September 1985 and in the course of your employment, you may be entitled to the following no-fault benefits from WorkCover:

Weekly payments

You may be entitled to weekly payments depending on how much you are able to work whilst suffering from a work-related injury/illness.  Payments are calculated as a percentage of your pre-injury/illness weekly earnings.

Reasonable medical and like expenses

  • Ambulance and hospital expenses
  • Doctors and other medical attendances (including travel expenses)
  • Medications and aides
  • Personal and household expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs (including counselling and household assistance).
The right to sue

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos related illness/injury, it is likely you will be able to sue for further compensation:

  1. Pain and suffering you have endured and will continue to suffer, and your loss of enjoyment of life;
  2. Compensation for wages and superannuation lost because you have been unable to work, and/or are unable to work into the future.

Suing for further compensation does not affect your right to medical and associated benefits.

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