Asbestos related illnesses still a serious problem for workers and their families

Asbestos related illnesses still a serious problem for workers and their families

A recent national conference held in Melbourne has heard that Australia has one of the highest incidence rates for the most serious type of asbestos related illness, being mesothelioma.

CEO of the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) Peter Tighe said that the most difficult challenge facing the prevention campaign was a lack of funding. He noted that most jurisdictions had publicly committed to ASEA's national strategic plan to eradicate asbestos in Australia, but almost none were prepared to commit to spending public money on the effort.

The importation of asbestos-manufactured materials was banned in Australia in 2003, but material such as asbestos cement sheeting remains prolific in our environment, particularly in buildings constructed more than 20 years ago.

Statistics indicate that approximately 600 Australians per year lose their lives to mesothelioma, not including sufferers who die of other illnesses arising from exposure to asbestos and other toxic materials.

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