22 Mar 2019 Your Best Lawyers announced
22 Feb 2019 Reporter awarded $180k in damages for post traumatic stress
15 Jun 2018 National apology for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse
13 Jun 2018 Wangaratta GP sexual abuse shines the light on patient safety
31 May 2018 High profile institutions join national redress scheme
25 May 2018 Sealing legal loophole assists child abuse victims sue
13 Apr 2018 ‘Lawyer of the Year’ and Best Lawyers announced
15 Mar 2018 Providing advice to workers who need it most
12 Feb 2018 Victim tells how serial abuser was let off the hook
27 Nov 2017 DIY renovators warned of asbestos exposure
21 Nov 2017 Interview with Bree Knoester: Privileged to run
15 Aug 2017 Sex abuse case against deceased doctor settled
7 Aug 2017 Progress made on chaperone report
18 Jul 2017 Repeated sexual abuse by neurologist
Forgotten industrial disease ‘silicosis’ named new asbestos
17 Jul 2017 Medical regulator promises change
4 Jul 2017 New abuse laws to protect children
20 Jun 2017 Asbestos in Polaris quad bikes
11 May 2017 Government commits funding to redress
11 Apr 2017 Ensuring patient safety: Chaperone report released
23 Feb 2017 Legislation passed to better protect children
25 Jan 2017 Liability in Lorne: Falls Festival stampede
6 Dec 2016 Victorian Government further commit to ending child abuse
25 Nov 2016 Leading Victorian Asbestos & Dust Diseases Lawyer
22 Nov 2016 Progessing child abuse legislation
11 Nov 2016 International Conference in Asbestos Awareness
9 Nov 2016 Geelong Grammar abuse survivor submissions published
4 Nov 2016 National redress scheme for child abuse survivors announced
2 Nov 2016 Justice prevails for victims of abusive dentist
Dentist Hartley Davey to pay child sex victims $250,000 compensation
Urgent calls for roll-out of sexual abuse redress scheme
31 Oct 2016 Recommendations for child sexual abuse redress scheme
10 Oct 2016 Mindfulness – not just another buzz word
29 Sep 2016 Dr Andrew Churchyard’s Tasmanian abuse claims increase
13 Sep 2016 Dirty insurance company tactics: adding insult to injury
2 Sep 2016 How to handle a traumatised employee
26 Aug 2016 Sexual abuse: your right to be safe
17 Aug 2016 Former patient stories ‘similar with worrying themes’
Andrew Churchyard allegedly groomed dozens of patients to molest them
11 Aug 2016 Independent review commissioned into chaperoning
10 Aug 2016 Dozens of doctors being watched due to sexual misconduct allegations
8 Aug 2016 Doctors, sexual misconduct and the law: 3AW interviews Bree Knoester
4 Aug 2016 Asbestos at our borders: investigation report released
2 Aug 2016 Patient plans to sue Andrew Churchyard’s estate over sexual misconduct
Churchyard case prompts grave concerns for patient safety
27 Jul 2016 Asbestos found in children’s crayons in 2015, testing stops there
26 Jul 2016 Improving outcomes for the Latrobe Valley
21 Jul 2016 Asbestos imports prompt national alert
11 Feb 2016 Adviceline Injury Lawyers expand Springvale office in response to an increasing demand for legal advice in Melbourne’s South East
18 Jan 2016 Partner Bree Knoester is this week’s guest reporter for online journalism project Croakey
10 Dec 2015 Fire at Hazelwood mine likely contributed to higher death rate in La Trobe Valley
24 Nov 2015 International Asbestos Conference in Australia
23 Nov 2015 Asbestos: not a thing of the past
22 Nov 2015 Reality TV show not reality?
21 Nov 2015 Building products and builders beware
18 Nov 2015 Suing an impecunious and uninsured defendant
14 Nov 2015 Asbestos imports…again
12 Nov 2015 Home renovators warned about the dangers of asbestos exposure
8 Nov 2015 Concerns for mismanaged asbestos removal efforts in schools
1 Oct 2015 Deemed diseases list updated to assist injured workers
9 Sep 2015 Children at risk as crayons test positive for asbestos
30 Apr 2015 Remembering those lost through dust diseases
22 Jan 2015 “Cancer cluster” puts Victorian firefighters at risk of terminal illness
15 Jan 2015 One less hurdle for Victorian dust-disease sufferers
12 Dec 2014 Greater protection required for Victorian firefighters and their families
20 Nov 2014 Asbestos related illnesses still a serious problem for workers and their families
10 Jul 2014 Assistance for dying worker after asbestos exposure