Children at risk as crayons test positive for asbestos

Children at risk as crayons test positive for asbestos

Anyone who thinks that exposure to asbestos is something of the past is wrong. Terrifyingly, children's crayons imported from Asia are now testing positive for asbestos fibres. Adviceline Injury Lawyers Partner, Bree Knoester, who looks after the firm's asbestos clients, knows that children's crayons branded with Frozen and Mickey Mouse characters have been identified as containing asbestos and are currently for sale in Victorian stores. This poses a real risk for children who frequently place crayons in their mouth and break crayons which could potentially release the harmful asbestos fibres into the air. Asbestos is known to cause mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cancers for which there is no cure. There is no safe exposure to asbestos, Ms Knoester said. We must continue to be diligent about ensuring that products coming into Australia are asbestos-free. In 2012, Great Wall cars were imported from China and contained up to 29 asbestos gaskets. Toy CSI investigation kits contained asbestos in the finger-printing powder. We are now potentially placing a further generation at risk of exposure and parents must be made aware that not all products are safe. Ms Knoester has called on state and federal departments to ensure there is a stringent process for checking imports to ensure that exposure to this deadly fibre does not occur. If you or someone you know has been exposed to asbestos, we invite you to speak with Bree on (03) 9321 9988.

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