DIY responsible for increasing mesothelioma diagnoses

DIY responsible for increasing mesothelioma diagnoses

Data released by KPMG earlier this year confirms that the number of asbestos-related illnesses, particularly cases of mesothelioma, are yet to decline. In fact, the data demonstrates that cases of mesothelioma caused by exposure during home renovations have surpassed instances of the disease caused by workplace and other exposure.

KPMG data revealed in 2017, there were 182 cases of mesothelioma caused by non-renovator exposure and 210 cases caused by DIY renovations. This is unsurprising given approximately 15% of houses in Australia are estimated to contain asbestos as a main building material, and home renovations continue to increase in popularity with rising house prices.

As asbestos-related illnesses like mesothelioma take 30 to 50 years on average to develop, the extent of the health impact caused by home renovations remains unknown. Based on the statistics to date however, it seems likely that cases of exposure to asbestos from home renovations and the resulting asbestos-related illnesses will continue to rise.

Consequently, those contemplating undertaking their own renovations should exercise extreme caution and hire professionals to remove asbestos materials from their homes, rather than risking their health.

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