We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to the loved ones of the injured, and those who died, as a result of the tragic incident on Friday 20 January 2017. Our continual thoughts are also with those who witnessed the traumatic scene that unfolded.

Located on the corner of Bourke Street and William Street ourselves, our experiences from that day have given us a deep appreciation of the trauma inflicted on the people of our beautiful city.

We can help

Adviceline Injury Lawyers is currently representing the families of the six deceased victims of the attack on Bourke Street on 20 January 2017 on a pro bono basis.

Our involvement in this matter was borne of a desire to ensure that families who have already lost loved ones in such a devastating way were able to access high quality legal representation without their loss being compounded by significant legal expenses.

We offer our support, knowledge and services to all victims of the attack. If you or a family member were witness and are suffering psychological difficulties and/or are injured, help is available.

It will not change what happened, but it can represent some acknowledgement of the wrong that has occurred.

Coronial Inquest

The circumstances surrounding the deaths suffered around Bourke Street is now being investigated by a Coronial Inquest.

Inquests are public hearings concerning deaths caused by accidents or in unnatural or unexpected circumstances.

The State Coroner does not attribute fault but is required to determine the facts surrounding the deaths and make recommendations to avoid similar deaths in the future.

With the consent of the Coroner, a person or family with an interest in the hearing can have a lawyer represent them, ask questions of witnesses, and make suggestions to the Coroner.

Prosecution of offender

When a crime has been committed, the Police prepare a brief of evidence against that person. A preliminary hearing is then held in the Magistrates’ Court (called a ‘Committal Hearing’).

Where a Magistrate is convinced there is a ‘prima facie’ case of murder, the accused is required to stand trial in the Supreme Court. This process can take many months.

TAC (Transport Accident Commission)

People who have been injured or have had a family member killed in a car accident can receive help and compensation through the TAC. Witnesses who have been affected by what they have seen are also entitled to help and compensation.

Assistance and compensation can be provided for counselling, medical expenses, loss of wages and financial payments.

Adviceline Injury Lawyers can provide free initial advice about how the TAC scheme works and can help with lodging a claim.

A claim must be made within 12 months. In special circumstances, a claim can be made up to three years after being injured.


People who have been injured at work or have had a family member killed during work are entitled to compensation through WorkCover.

Employees injured on a scheduled lunch break are entitled to assistance under the WorkCover scheme.

The help available includes payment of counselling, medical expenses, loss of wages and financial assistance.

Adviceline Injury Lawyers can provide free initial assistance/advice about making a claim and the WorkCover scheme.


Many super funds contain insurance policies that pay a benefit if there is temporary or permanent disablement.

There may also be insurance benefits where someone dies whilst a member of a super fund. These payments can be in addition to other compensation such as under the TAC or WorkCover schemes.

Adviceline Injury Lawyers have expertise in this area and can advise and assist with claims under superannuation.


If your loved one was killed with or without a Will, you may wish to speak to a lawyer.

Adviceline Injury Lawyers can provide initial advice and referral to specialist lawyers regarding assistance with wills and estates.

Victims of Crime Assistance

The Victims of Crime Assistance scheme provides financial and counselling help to victims of acts of violence.

These payments or counselling support are offered as a recognition by the community that a person has suffered needlessly.

The scheme is administered through the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT). VOCAT pays all legal fees associated with the application and no charges are paid by the victim. Claims should be lodged within two years.

Adviceline Injury Lawyers can assist with the lodging of an application and obtaining compensation from VOCAT.

Further information and assistance

Legal Support:

Genna Angelowitsch, Special Counsel: (03) 9321 9704


Road Trauma Support Services: 1300 367 797

This information is also available via PDF, here: Bourke Street Legal Support.

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