Hearing aids - finding peace without unwanted quiet

Hearing aids - finding peace without unwanted quiet

Across Victoria aging parents and grandparents – victims of the industrial noise generations – are avoiding noisy restaurants, turning up televisions, leaning across tables, and driving with one eye on the road so they can listen to the voices of their children, grandchildren and spouses.  Most of those voices are demanding the same thing – “Get a hearing aid!”  Perhaps those afflicted begin to think industrial deafness is one way of getting some peace and quiet.

Most of the Victorians suffering from these unrelenting lectures about their deteriorating hearing would be eligible for hearing aids through the WorkCover compensation system.

If you have previously been employed in a noisy workplace and believe that your hearing loss could be attributed to that working environment, consider whether your last noisy employer would have had WorkCover insurance.  A complication may arise for the self-employed who do not organise WorkCover for themselves, but for those employed in conventional workplaces this is unlikely to be an issue.

The next step is to call National Hearing Care on 1800 676 263 or visit their website to book a free hearing test.

If your hearing test shows you have suffered some loss in the ranges related to industrial noise, all you need to do is complete simple paperwork about your work history (if you have not worked in a noisy workplace since November 1997 the paperwork is more complicated).  This paperwork is lodged with the relevant WorkCover insurer who will likely have claimants examined by an independent ear, nose and throat specialist.

Anyone who has suffered a loss of more than 10% of their hearing as a result of noisy employment in Victoria is entitled to compensation.  Many of the people who do not reach this threshold are still entitled to free hearing aids through the WorkCover system.

When you call us on (03) 9321 9988, our hearing loss team will assist in referring you to your nearest National Hearing Care clinic or review your audiologist’s test results indicating industrial deafness.  If you do not recover compensation for your hearing loss, we will not charge you for our time.

In these applications there is nothing for the claimant to lose and a lot to gain – including an end to the incessant nagging and a new type of peace.

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