Noise-induced hearing loss is an irreversible condition that can have a significant impact on a worker’s life.

Most work-related hearing loss injuries occur over an extended period of time, and may develop many years after exposure.

If hearing loss is caused by exposure or continued exposure to industrial noise, it is known as industrial deafness.

Our Hearing Loss lawyers can help with

  • Industrial deafness caused by industrial noise in the workplace
  • Obtaining a free hearing test
  • Making a hearing loss claim
  • Contesting rejected hearing loss claims
  • Acquiring appropriate hearing aids
  • Securing lump sum compensation

What are my options?

For work-related hearing loss WorkCover pays the reasonable cost of hearing services and aids; and a lump sum payment called an impairment benefit. 

Hearing aids

If you have hearing loss from work, you can claim for hearing aids if you need them.

Hearing aids can usually be obtained within three months, after compensation has been secured.

A minority of complicated cases can take considerably longer.

Lump sum payment

If you have a 10 per cent hearing loss, you may be entitled to $21,140 if you are still working.

If your hearing loss is more than 10 per cent, you may be entitled to a larger amount or a smaller amount depending upon when you stopped work.

How do I make a WorkCover claim?

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Arrange a hearing test

Even if your hearing loss appears to be minor, it is important to visit a hearing loss professional to start an early record of symptoms, their cause and impact on your life.  This appointment will provide the historical background which will be critical to the success of your WorkCover claim.

It is helpful to tell your hearing specialist the circumstances of your work and hearing loss.

Adviceline Injury Lawyers can organise a free hearing test for you.

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Contact us

Once you receive your hearing test results, you should provide them to our team so that we can advise whether you may be entitled to a payment from WorkCover.  If your results show that you may be entitled to compensation, we will assist with the completion and lodgement of the WorkCover claim form.

Your time is important to us, so when you call (03) 9321 9988 during business hours Monday - Friday, your call will be answered by a lawyer.  We will be able to advise you on your potential rights and entitlements and can provide the paperwork required to make a claim.  You will not have to travel to one of our offiecs if not convenient.

Legal services are provided on a No Win No Fee basis.

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Notify your last 'noisy' employer

We can do this on your behalf.

An injured worker can lodge an application for a lump sum payment for permanent impairment at any time.  We can do this for you after you have signed the necessary forms.

If the last ‘noisy’ employer was negligent and caused your hearing loss, you may also be able to sue for further compensation.  You have six years from your date of injury to sue your last ‘noisy’ employer.  This date may be extended in some circumstances, such as if you have only recently become aware of the seriousness of your injury.

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Attend a specialist appointment

The WorkCover insurer will arrange for you to be examined by an ENT specialist to calculate your hearing loss.  This is arranged and paid for by WorkCover.

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