How does the claims process work?

We offer a No Win, No Fee arrangement, meaning that if we proceed with a claim you will only have to pay legal costs if you receive a payment.

We are committed to maximising the compensation injured workers receive.  We only charge for the work we do and in most cases we cap our costs so that you receive the majority of your compensation.  Our focus is on ensuring you receive the correct payment and hearing aids, if needed.

Step 1

Arrange a hearing test.  

Adviceline Injury Lawyers can organise a free hearing test for you.  It is helpful to tell your doctor or hearing specialist the circumstances of your work and hearing loss.  Once you receive your hearing test results, you should provide them to us so that we can advise whether you may be entitled to a payment from WorkCover.  We can assist you with the completion of the forms that need to be sent to your last ‘noisy’ employer and the WorkCover insurer.  For assistance, contact us on (03) 9321 9988.

Step 2

Notify your employer.  

We can do this on your behalf.  You can lodge your application for an impairment benefit payment at any time.  We can do this for you after you have signed the necessary forms.  If the last ‘noisy’ employer was negligent and caused your hearing loss, you may also be able to sue for further compensation.  You have six years from your date of injury to sue your last ‘noisy’ employer.  This date may be extended in some circumstances, such as if you have only recently become aware of the seriousness of your injury.

Step 3 The WorkCover insurer will arrange for you to be examined by an ENT specialist to calculate your hearing loss.  We will notify you of your appointment with a hearing specialist.  This is paid by WorkCover.
Step 4 We can check any offers made by the WorkCover insurer to ensure you are receiving the correct payment.  If not, we can assist you to go before a Medical Panel or attend a Conciliation meeting with the insurer.
Step 5 In very few cases, if a dispute cannot be resolved you may wish to take the claim to Court.  We can assist you to do this.
Step 6 If you require hearing aids, we assist you to complete and lodge the appropriate documents to have the cost covered.

To speak directly to our hearing loss administrator, Lachlan Hicks, call (03) 9321 9782.

Your first appointment is free and we offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ service.

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