Injured Victorians unaware of their entitlement to ongoing compensation

Injured Victorians unaware of their entitlement to ongoing compensation

Many people injured at work or in a motor vehicle accident are usually unaware of their potential entitlement to lump sum compensation from WorkSafe or the TAC respectively.

Once the initial trauma of the injuries is medically managed, often people's focus turns to returning to work in some form. Thankfully, many people are able to return to work in some capacity, even if it is a reduction from their pre-injury duties and/or hours. Some people seek employment in other roles or fields, as they simply cannot return to the type of duties they undertook prior to being injured.

Unfortunately, countless Victorians do not realise that returning to the work force after an injury does not end their entitlement to lump sum compensation. If a person has been injured and suffers ongoing pain or restrictions in their movements, they can still seek compensation from WorkSafe or the TAC.

A recent example encountered by Adviceline Injury Lawyers was a teacher who injured his leg a number of years ago whilst taking students on an excursion. Although he has been able to return to the workforce, he continues to experience pain and the range of movement in his leg has been reduced. We are currently assisting him with an application for lump sum compensation.

Trying to understand your rights to compensation after an injury can be a confronting and confusing process. If you have suffered an injury and are uncertain about your potential entitlements, we invite you to contact one of our personal injury experts on (03) 9321 9988.

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