Legislation passed to better protect children

Legislation passed to better protect children

Victorian Parliament has now officially passed legislation that will serve to better protect children. The'Reportable Conduct Scheme' will be overseen and monitored by the Commission for Children and Young people and requires that particular organisations that provide services to children must report on any allegation of abuse. This will ensure that any individual deemed to pose a risk to child safety will not be able to work with children regardless of their criminal record. Implementation of the scheme will occur in phases, with schools and government services required to comply from 1 July 2017, other institutions providing services to children by January 2018 and public institutions children visit by 1 January 2019. Outcomes from the scheme's implementation will be discussed amongst the Commission, Government and Working with Children Check Unit to ensure that child safety measures are continually improved upon. The schemes implementation is yet another measure implemented by the Victorian Government as an outcome of recommendations and findings in the 2013 ?Betrayal of Trust' report. We need to ensure that what happened to children who were historically abused does not happen again, says Bree Knoester, Managing Partner of Adviceline Injury Lawyers. The commitment displayed by the Coalition in the delivery of outcomes from the Betrayal of Trust report is commendable. Acting for many victims of abuse, Bree Knoester guides and supports her clients through the legal process with consistent and carefully considered advice. For a confidential discussion, you can contact Bree on her direct telephone number (03) 9321 9879.

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