Medical negligence claim for hearing loss following GP procedure

Medical negligence claim for hearing loss following GP procedure

Adviceline Injury Lawyers were recently successful in resolving a medical negligence claim for negligently inflicted hearing loss. Our client, a 72-year-old Chinese gentleman, suffered hearing loss following an ear clean out performed by his General Practitioner (GP). Chinese-speaking Senior Associate, Linda Hanley, successfully assisted him to obtain pain and suffering damages from his general practitioner.

Our client attended his GP to obtain medical advice regarding an itch that he was suffering from in his right ear. The recommended treatment on this occasion was an ear clean out using a syringe and water. Despite pain being reported and a request to stop the procedure, the GP assured that the procedure was a normal one and that it was regularly done for other patients.

Following this treatment, our client felt pain in his right ear and vertigo. Later that night, our client's wife noticed that there was blood coming out of our client's right ear. Our client attended the Emergency Department for advice and treatment, and was ultimately discharged with a prescription for some ear drops.

Over time, despite a reduction in pain, our client noticed hearing loss in his right ear, tinnitus and vertigo. Our client subsequently attended an ENT Specialist who performed an audiology test which confirmed hearing loss in his right ear and recommended our client to wear hearing aids.

Linda Hanley prepared the claim by obtaining an expert report to comment on the treatment and adequacy of care offered to our client by his GP. The expert report confirmed that the treatment was inadequate and this allowed Linda to arrange an informal conference seeking to settle our client's case with the GP's legal representation without litigation.

On the day of the informal settlement conference, Linda successfully settled our client's case for a six-digit compensation sum. Our client was incredibly satisfied and particularly pleased that he was able to obtain such a great outcome without the need to issue proceedings in Court.

If you would like to speak to a Chinese speaking lawyer regarding any work related injuries or medical negligence claims, call Senior Associate Linda Hanley on (03) 9321 9894. Alternatively, our team of lawyers are available on (03) 9321 9988.

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