15 Aug 2017 Confidential settlement with Churchyard estate
Sex abuse case against deceased doctor settled
18 Jul 2017 Repeated sexual abuse by neurologist
17 Jul 2017 Medical regulator promises change
14 Oct 2016 Reporting health professional concerns
29 Sep 2016 Dr Andrew Churchyard’s Tasmanian abuse claims increase
26 Aug 2016 Sexual abuse: your right to be safe
17 Aug 2016 Former patient stories ‘similar with worrying themes’
Andrew Churchyard allegedly groomed dozens of patients to molest them
11 Aug 2016 Independent review commissioned into chaperoning
10 Aug 2016 Dozens of doctors being watched due to sexual misconduct allegations
8 Aug 2016 Doctors, sexual misconduct and the law: 3AW interviews Bree Knoester
2 Aug 2016 Patient plans to sue Andrew Churchyard’s estate over sexual misconduct
Churchyard case prompts grave concerns for patient safety
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