Jyoti Haikerwal is a Lawyer at Adviceline Injury Lawyers with a particular interest in medical negligence.

With extensive insight into the medical profession and a passion for the legal process, Jyoti dedicates her career to helping those who have suffered injury through the healthcare system.

Jyoti understands and appreciates the stressful nature of bringing a claim in medical negligence; and is committed to ensuring that the primary focus for her clients is their health and happiness.

In breaking down the complexities of law and medicine, Jyoti displays a high level of expertise and compassion, putting her clients at ease and making the claims process as easy as possible.

Prior to her time with Adviceline, Jyoti worked in a personal injury firm in Canberra and also completed internships at Civil Liberties Australia and Canberra Community Law.


Bachelor of Laws (Hons) – The Australian National University
Bachelor of Medical Science – The Australian National University