How does the claims process work?

We offer a No Win, No Fee arrangement meaning that if we proceed with a claim you will only have to pay legal costs if you receive compensation.

We are committed to maximising the compensation to be received by people who have been injured in a public place.  We only charge for the work we do and in most cases we cap our costs so that you receive the majority of your compensation.

Step 1 Seek medical treatment.  It is helpful to tell your doctor or health provider the circumstances of your injury from the first consultation.
Step 2 Call one of our expert injury lawyers on (03) 9321 9988 and book your free appointment for preliminary advice about your rights and possible entitlements.
Step 3 Once your injury is stabilised, we will write to your treating doctors and other healthcare providers to obtain medical reports and records.
Step 4 To have an entitlement to compensation for pain and suffering, you must have a ‘significant injury’ – being an injured that has caused a greater than 5% whole person impairment for physical injuries or a 10% psychiatric impairment.  To determine whether you have a significant injury, you will need to be assessed by an independent medical examiner.
Step 5 Once your level of impairment is determined, we will generally notify the possible Defendant in your case that we are investigating your claim.  Sometimes informal negotiations can be entered into and some cases can settled without having to commence court proceedings.  If your case does not settle, court proceedings can be commenced and we would be required to file a document in court setting out who or what was negligent, what damage you have suffered and what damages you are seeking.

To speak directly to one of our expert injury lawyers, call (03) 9321 9988.

Your first appointment is free and we offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ service.

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