What are my entitlements?

No two claims are the same, and the amount of compensation claimable varies according to the severity of the injury and the effect that it has had on your life.

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A public liability claim is also known as a common law claim.  This is a claim seeking compensation for an injury/illness where negligence is involved.  The compensation sought in a common law claim is called damages.

There are three main categories of damages sought in a public liability common law claim:

  1. Pain and suffering, or general damages – this is compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured and will continue to endure, and your loss of enjoyment of life;
  2. Past loss of earnings and future loss of earning capacity – compensation for wages and superannuation lost because you have been unable to work, and/or are unable to work into the future;
  3. Special damages – this is compensation to cover the cost of medical and like expenses as well as the cost of family members who have cared for you.

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