Regular medical and legal reviews for asbestos victims

Regular medical and legal reviews for asbestos victims

Over the years we have been approached by many people exposed to asbestos - most commonly whilst at work. Others handled asbestos sheets whilst doing a home renovation many years ago. We have also acted for wives, who have contracted mesothelioma after washing their husband's asbestos covered clothes. We also recently issued a Writ for a man who was exposed to asbestos as a child riding his bike over the mounds of asbestos at the local Wunderlich factory in Sunshine North. Many of the clients who approach us for legal advice have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer, and require urgent legal assistance. We are usually able to issue a Writ and resolve such claims within a couple of months of the asbestos victim first consulting us. We also help clients with claims for asbestosis, which causes them to suffer symptoms of breathlessness and fatigue. Many clients however do not have an asbestos disease which gives rise to a claim in damages. Instead they have been diagnosed with what is called pleural plaques. This is a thickened patch on the lining or pleura of the lung. Plaques may be present in both lungs and in considerable numbers. Pleural plaques are often discovered by chest x-ray or high resolution CT scanning. Generally, pleural plaques do not impair lung function and therefore require no medical treatment. However a large pleural plaque can reduce lung expansion and lead to shortness of breath. Doctors often recommend people previously exposed to asbestos undergo annual chest x-rays, and sometime pulmonary function tests, to monitor whether there has been any progression in their pleural plaque disease. For these clients we invite them to send these reports to us each year, so we can monitor them annually and advise as to whether they have a legal right to pursue a damages claim. We do not charge for this service, and the clients that access this service are comforted they are having not just annual medical reviews, but also annual legal reviews too. With the ever present risk of the asbestos disease worsening, many clients are motivated to ensure their family is looked after should they develop a more sinister asbestos disease. If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with an asbestos disease we invite you to contact our office on (03) 9321 9988 so that we can advise you of your entitlements to compensation.

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