Talking about hearing loss

Talking about hearing loss

Does the family tell you to turn the TV volume down? Does your spouse tell you to stop talking so loudly? Does the phrase, ”sorry, could you say that again?” seem to be in every conversation?

Unfortunately, you could be suffering from industrial deafness if you have worked in noisy conditions.

Many people put up with their difficulties and don’t know that the WorkCover system is there to help. It makes special rules that allows for the fact that people may have worked in many different workplaces and that hearing loss occurs over a long time.

WorkCover will pay for appropriate hearing aids and a lump sum where the hearing loss is over 10%. The current lump sum entitlement for 10% impairment is $20,280.

The special WorkCover rules provide that the last day of noisy work or the day a claim is made is the injury date. This means that a claim only has to be made on the last noisy employer, if you are retired or at the current noisy employer, if still working.

Adviceline Injury Lawyers are experts in WorkCover, and in particular hearing loss. We do not charge for our services unless the worker receives a payment.

We can arrange for you to have a free hearing test near your home, help with the correct claim form, and identify the correct insurer. Without having any court process or financial risk, a payment can be made if the hearing loss is worse than the threshold and proper hearing aids provided. All this can be provided without having to travel to a solicitors office.

To find out more or start the process, call Lachlan Hicks at Adviceline Injury Lawyers on (03) 9321 9782.

Your family may be very grateful!

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If we proceed with a claim you only have to pay legal costs if we are successful in getting you compensation.

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