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“I cannot thank you and your team enough for your help, support, understanding and encouragement over this challenging period of my life.  I have felt secure through out this whole process knowing you were working in my best interests.  Thank you so much.”

Joanne H

“I found Lisa and all her staff accommodating, easy to communicate with and the service was incredible.  Lisa really made me feel important.”

Kim H

“I want to thank Deidre and Georgia for all their hard work and encouraging me to keep persisting.  It makes me feel better that someone was held accountable and I now have some financial security to be able to give myself the best care in the future when required.”

Brad W

“This was a long battle for me and this has been a very great help for me to have you all helping me.  I hope your company continues to rise and will not hesitate to recommend you.”

Marie T

“Thank you again for all of your support, Shyla.  I feel very lucky to have you representing me and truly am so grateful for your guidance and compassion in this time.”

Bridget M

“Lisa and Genna looked after and listened to me from day one.  The staff were so friendly and patient with me and every step was explained thoroughly until my case was closed.”

Heather M

“Catherine did a lot of things well.  Her emails were always quick and she got back to me within an hour.”

Brett V

Lisa and Sharlene were always professional and polite throughout all our communications.  They always answered my questions and kept me informed throughout every step which was taken in dealing with my claim.  They listened to any concerns I had and most importantly, I was very pleased with the outcome of my claim.

A BIG thank you to all for all their hard work and effort throughout my claim.

Joanna D

It was difficult to lose my original lawyer and then COVID hit but Genna tried to make it go as smoothly as possible.  She was very professional and empathetic and I felt supported at a difficult time.

Lynne I

“I cannot thank Tina enough for her outstanding commitment to my case.  Tina’s experience and knowledge gave me the strength and confidence I needed to push forward with my claim.  The legal process and language was made easy to follow and understand and Tina’s warmth and compassion allowed me to feel confident and comfortable with the legal process in its entirety.

Tina’s staff were always only a phone call away and were prompt and responsive to my requests.  Appointments were made and explained in full and correspondence documented and detailed with precision.

Overall, my case resulted in a positive outcome, thanks only to the hard work and dedication of Tina and her team at Adviceline at Springvale.

Highly recommended!”

Christine L

“Lachlan always kept me informed and explained things well.  All did an excellent job and a good outcome was achieved”

Giuseppe S

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Grace and Ursula for taking on my case, going in to bat for me and being so sensitive and understanding during those times I was emotional and distraught.”

“Tina was always respectful, compassionate and a very good communicator which is so important when faced with these circumstances.  Tina always made me feel important and that what I was doing was justified.  I highly recommend Tina.  She is an asset to your company.”

Benita C

“Both Bree and Lucia were extremely helpful and friendly, while being totally professional.  I was kept fully informed at every stage of my legal action with each step along the way being discussed with me.  There were no surprises and any queries I had were always responded to promptly and respectfully.”

Eileen W

“Grace was extremely sensitive to my needs.  She explained the legal aspects really well so that I could understand.  My case was a win and I could not have done it anywhere else better.”

Colleen S

“Thank you to Bree for fighting for me and making me feel worthy.

Bree was so kind and patient.  I could tell her anything and she was so supportive.  The service I received was second to none.  Bree connected professionally and emotionally and was so caring and thoughtful.  It was an amazing and supportive experience.”

Christine I

“Bree was very professional and helpful.  I felt safe and understood.  She made a very terrible and traumatic time in my life better.”

Cindy S

“Lisa and the staff at Adviceline were great.  They were polite, very informative and answered and explained all questions promptly.  The ending was a great outcome for me and I would highly recommend them if you need advice and any legal help.”

Paul S

“What we loved about Catherine and Grace is that they were willing to take my case on midway through and were open to starting a new file for me no other law firm were willing to go to these lengths.

We were very well informed and learnt more in the first hour than I did with my previous law firm that I was with for a few years.  We were filled with doubt when we approached Catherine as the previous firm had failed to achieve any initial outcome for an impairment benefit after promising the world.  After listening to everything, explaining a number of details and letting us know a new case could be started we were more hopeful.

The team achieved an outcome for us that was above and beyond what we even thought was possible and involved multiple solutions.  Grace came in part way through and was patient and listened when we needed to vent and express our doubts.  All the way along she was confident that she could get us a good result and we are so grateful that she stuck with us.”

Matthew & Karen W

“Deidre was always available when I needed her and explained everything in layman’s terms.  Her staff were excellent with any queries or any questions I needed help with.  They helped me to receive the best possible outcome.”

Anna T

“I just wanted to thank Grace and Ursula for all their hard work on my case.  It was a good outcome.  They are legends.”

Dee O

“Linda and Candy were extraordinary.  They kept me informed and on task when emotions took over with empathy and understanding.  I could not rate them highly enough.”

Cheryl M

“Lisa Paul and the staff at the Melton office were fantastic.

Lisa was informative, compassionate and understanding.  Nothing was too much trouble and I was kept informed about my claim at all times.”

Michael B

“I would like to thank my lawyer Linda for being friendly, approachable and understanding and in helping me understand my situation.  She helped with my WorkCover claim when I needed it the most.  Her assistant Candy was always helpful and sweet.”

Karma S

“When Paula came on board with our case, she kept us informed of any developments and explained procedures.  She was very easy to talk to and we felt she always had our best intentions at heart, especially in the final stages!

We were very happy with Paula’s professionalism and empathy with our situation and her assistant Kathryn was always very helpful and obliging.”

Bev W

“I am very happy with the overall outcome.  I feel confident that we achieved the best outcome because Deidre explained my options to me very well.  She was very friendly, pleasant and welcoming.”

Catherine M

“Thank you to Linda, Kathy and Candy for their patience, resourcefulness, genuine understanding and support during my ordeal. 

I found Linda to be thorough and she ensured that I understood each part of the legal process and provided me with substantial information to make decisions.  She also kept me regularly updated with emails.

I also appreciated the inspiring all-female legal team!”

Laura K

“Being a determined and focused individual, the stasis experienced during the past few years was intolerable.  Your guidance, Linda, was of immense assistance for us both.

The compensation has been used to purchase a shop (which is to become a bookstore) and some property.  This is in honour of our son who always dreamed of being a bookstore owner.

It is such a relief to now have direction, purpose and a future… a way to heal.  You are a major contributor to that being possible.  Linda, for this I will always be grateful.”

Tanya E

“Bree did a fantastic job for us and we could not speak more highly of the courteous and professional way she dealt with my case.  I would definitely recommend Adviceline, especially Bree to anyone.”

David S

“We are very appreciative of Lachlan’s work in achieving this outcome – it’s something we never expected, nor hoped for.  

In the line of duty I expect, but we are so very grateful, and in reality we are both quite shocked.

And so, our heartfelt thanks for your work and I suspect exemplary advocating skills on our behalf.  Not only will we be able to communicate more easily, the frustrated mutterings will now be audible to the subject’s ears…now that could mean trouble!”

Mary O

“Paula and Isabelle were both excellent.  They kept my case moving, kept me informed, showed compassion and was very considerate in optimising my financial payment.”

Susan O

“Grace listened to me, let me know where I stood and kept me informed me of every option.”

Matthew G

“Tina, you made a difficult process easier and at times even enjoyable. Thank you for all your help and support. We really do appreciate it.”

Sue K

“For the last 5 years, Deidre and with the help of Georgia have looked after my legal case.  Deidre held my hand, carefully guiding me through an overwhelming, unpredictable, complicated process.  Words cannot express enough the confidence I had in Deidre, through the experience, through to settlement.  Deidre was totally focussed and had a deep understanding of my case; and I found her to be personable, always professional, always informed.  I was expecting the legal process to be a nightmare but my legal process experience turned out to be part of the healing.”

Grace C

“Bree, thank you for your tremendous support during my case.  It took so much pressure off and allowed me to focus on my recovery.  You genuinely care about your clients and that’s very difficult to find these days. 

I would gladly recommend Adviceline Injury Lawyers.  Your team have been kind, supportive and extremely thorough throughout this difficult ordeal.  It has been an absolute pleasure – under the circumstances!”

Chris I

“Everyone I spoke with displayed genuine friendliness, interest, competence and confidence in my case.”

Paul B

“Was hard to put into words what Linda has done for me.  I really hit the jackpot when Adviceline appointed her as my lawyer. 

I have no hesitation to recommend Linda Hanley and the staff I dealt with at Adviceline.  Linda is highly competent and an asset to Adviceline.  Through her work I’ve been able to access top medical care, income support and financial compensation in regards to my workplace injury.  She has provided exceptional legal knowledge and are a credit to your firm.”

Anna Z

“Linda was always available if I needed her to explain things for me.  She was always on time and I was always informed about everything regarding my case and my doctor’s appointment.  She was respectful towards me and my needs, made me feel comfortable, at ease to deal with the case, and contributed to my well-being.”

Dragica V

“What a pleasure it’s been to work with Shyla, Nicole and Lauren.  I just want to thank you for your commitment, honesty and graciousness.  You guys have helped me close a door, move forward AND with my dignity in place.  Thank you so much.”

Lisa B

“Thank you very much for your all your help with my case.  It’s been an extremely stressful time for me and you and your colleagues have done a great job.”


“Lauren advised me in everything so well.  A fantastic outcome beyond my expectations.  Everybody at Adviceline was suburb, such nice people.  Appreciated your understanding and patience.”

Martin P

“Thank you so much Shyla – You are a shining light for me and my family in this process.”


“Just wanted to say to Grace that my grandmother’s name was Grace.  They used to call her amazing Grace.  You may be the same as her, putting in the extra mile to get things done.”

Kevin F

“When I met Grace, she was both pleasant and professional.  Grace made sure I was aware of my situation and the options at hand.  She didn’t make me feel bad if I had misunderstood the situation and explained it in terms that was easy for me to comprehend.

I’ve been dealing with Adviceline injury Lawyers for a lot of years now and wanted you to know that Grace by far is the most respectful, reliable, solicitor that I’ve dealt with who has been prompt in her returning calls or emails.”

Cherie D

“Throughout the entire process, Shyla kept me extremely well informed, starting from our first meeting and the white board!

My memory was appalling at the time and I look back now and realise I was very depressed, particularly at the time of the County Court appearance.

Having been the beneficiary of expert legal care, I now know when to run a mile from overly eager and, no doubt, shonky firms that would be happy to drag already badly injured small biz owners through possibly years of legal battles, all to no avail.

When my claim was finalised, we all walked away very happy…..except the defendant, as it should be!”

Alison B

“Seven and a half years ago my life was changed irrevocably by an accident…

It has been an incredibly difficult, emotionally challenging and soul-destroying time in my life, and something I would never wish on anyone.

Bree, your gentle and professional advice that made me realise that it was not all my fault, and over the past few years working with you all I have rebuilt that part of my self-esteem and my diminished confidence.  I am forever grateful for the huge amount of work and effort that was put in by you all as a team to affect a positive outcome.

Lawyers get a bad wrap a lot of the time, but it is people like you that are led by genuine values of doing what is right and what is fair that give your profession a good name.

Lucia, you have been so responsive and thoughtful, and always accessible, thank you so much.”

Alex B

“I only required advice at this stage, however Grace was professional and informative to my enquiries.  I finished the phone conversation feeling positive.”


“I don’t believe I could have been better looked after as I balanced rehabilitation, my future work prospects, and the necessary investigations and paperwork that were required for a workers compensation claim that went on for several years. The result was very kind.”

Graeme, Clayton

“Deidre explained my situation clearly and in detail. She was very supportive and showed lots of respect and effort.”

Tony Curcio

“Shyla was friendly, welcoming and very helpful.  She kept me in the loop of any development in my case and we met the target set.”

Michael Green

“I was injured in 2013 and first saw you in 2015 when I was on crutches.  From that time through until today, you always had my back, was always my guide and my rock through the choppy waters that is the Victorian WorkCover system. You remained calm and collected when I was at my wits end and you steadied and supported me when I needed it even if I didn’t think I did. You have championed my cause and always put the needs of myself and my family first and for that I will forever be grateful. It is true that no amount of money can replace a career lost or cover the pain endured with multiple injuries but what it does do is acknowledge my injuries, acknowledge my pain and qualify all I went through. It opens the door to the next chapter of my life. I will always be grateful of the work that you, Fiona my barrister and Kelly did in getting me the settlement I was entitled to.”

Lisa W

“I am so grateful that I had Lisa Paul as my lawyer, as she was always supportive, upfront, and caring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lisa, and to your team who represented me, Kelly and Kathy. You’re all wonderful and supportive people.”  

Ingrid H

“It all seems a little surreal and a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s a new chapter of my life and one I never ever thought would happen. I can pay my mortgage off 15 years before I thought I would and it feels so amazing to know that my house is my house 100% and nobody can take that from me now. Thank you so much Lisa for looking after my case and guiding me through everything from start to finish. Having you for my lawyer made it so much easier as I knew I could trust your advice.”  

Michelle Bird

“Thank you Adviceline for all your help with my case. The TAC team were nothing short of a pleasure to deal with during a difficult time. I very much appreciate the way you communicated to me with clarity, warmth and honesty. I will be recommending you to every musician and person I know looking for legal help in the future!”

Scott McConnachie

“Bree is just unplayable.”

Insurance Lawyer and Cricket fan

“Thank you and all the staff at Adviceline. The level of professionalism balanced with concern for client needs has been outstanding.”

Robyn Begolo

“Deidre and Georgia were fantastic.  I could not have had a better lawyer than Deidre!  I’m very happy with the outcome and the whole experience was made so much easier to handle due to the caring nature of everyone at Adviceline.”

Jasmine Lu

“The speed of settlement and communications was always prompt and understandable.  I am very satisfied with the whole process.”

Dr Philip Worboys

“Bree was exemplary in all areas.  The process was stress free and she went above and beyond our expectations.  It was a smooth path to settlement.”

Russell F

“I want to thank you sincerely for all your efforts with my claim. You were the only lawyer willing to take it on and give it a go. Even though I will live with the pain for the rest of my life, at least I was awarded some compensation to help with medical bills.”

Mona Chahine

“We were always kept well informed and the relationship formed meant that we trusted every decision made.”

Christian Ashby

“Everything was quickly on the move and very successfully I might add.  The result exceeded my expectations.”

Joan Gilligan

“Deidre explained things very well to me, was very thorough and attendant.”

Vasilios Papadimitriou

“Deidre was very thorough and explained situations and outcomes.  Every time I needed something she was very helpful and respectful.”

Dimitra Papadimitriou

“The response, explanations and encouragement were marvellous.  I had to go to Conciliation – pretty ghastly, but was well prepared.  Both Linda and Deidre were very encouraging.”

Helen McCormack

“Deidre was compassionate, understanding and always made the time to speak with and assist me.  Deidre and Georgia are exceptional people with tremendous skills.  I could not have asked for anyone better to represent and support me.”

Marg Heymanson

“Lauren was always willing to take the time to explain the process, the possible outcome with several options, and if she was unsure she would seek advice from her colleagues and get back to me ASAP.  The team were always friendly, and did not make you feel that what you were asking was “stupid” or of no consequence.”


“At the beginning of the process Genna said to me that “nothing will ever be able to compensate what you have lost”.  That is so true and it really helped knowing that she understood that.  I’ll never be without pain and there’s so much I will never be able to do – but this process helped me to find some closure around what has happened.  It’s an amazing and powerful thing that you do.  You make the world a fairer place for disempowered people.  Thank you for your hard-work and your kindness – that combination has made a huge difference in my life.”


“Lachlan was very helpful, pleasant and listened to everything I asked him.  He was a nice person to talk to.  I couldn’t of asked for a better person to help us.”

Ian Lennon

“At my first appointment with Adviceline, I was so overwhelmed and very unaware of what help was available to me considering my situation.  They took control from the get go, and explained what steps we had to take regarding my case: 1 for the unfair dismissal and 2 for my injury.  My lawyer had this amazing confidence and strength, I was in complete awe of how professional, passionate and caring she was.  I could honestly feel that she was truly empathetic to my situation, her vast knowledge in what laws were broken and what compensation I was entitled to was impressive. She took complete control of the situation and had my complete trust, I knew she was guiding me to the best possible outcome and I couldn’t be happier with the result. When my ex employer started to harass me with threats and unwanted messages, and when they decided to lawyer up themselves and negotiations were being made her experience, strength and authority really showed.  I felt safe knowing I had her fighting for me, and I honestly feel that justice has prevailed.  Thanks to Adviceline, I am confident that my ex employers will never treat another staff member the way they treated me.”

Nataly Ceballos

“Genna helped me through the most difficult and stressful ordeal.  She dealt with the Insurer with the utmost professionalism, patience, knowledge and understanding.”

Olga Kolarik

“I can’t speak more highly, you have changed my life for the good!”

Gary Groenewald

“Thank you for your time, patience and legal expertise in resolving my employment issue to reach a favourable outcome.”

Anthony Taranto

“I walked into the office not expecting much, but walked out full of hope.  I was always kept up to date with everything that was happening in my case.  Deidre was a pleasure to deal with and always ensured all bases were covered (with a smile on her face!).  The dream is now a reality.  We have been able to build a home – a goal we have had for many years and to now have it realised is just fantastic. A great big hug and thank you again!”

Steven Kelly

“I dealt mostly with Lachlan who acted very professionally and was extremely courteous and prompt returning phone calls.  Job well done!”

Paul Hardwick

“I can’t thank you enough for believing in me and my case. I had been rejected by two previous law firms and lost confidence, but you quickly restored my faith. Your drive and commitment brought about a successful outcome that has enabled me to take my time to recover without the financial pressure. I’ve been starting to explore options to get back to work, in time, but thanks to you and your team, I have been able to take my time.

No legal process is an easy one, however the reassurance you gave me, every step of the way was priceless. I highly recommend you for your commitment, passion and sensitivity that you showed me throughout my legal journey. I can’t thank you enough for all you did to bring about a successful result.”


“I would just like to say a very big thank you for all the support and advice you have given me over the years. You [and barrister Stella Gold] were both wonderful on the day of the hearing. I was extremely nervous and I am very pleased with the outcome, and so relieved that its all over now, especially knowing that I will not be going to Court and can get on with my life.”

Louise Patane

“I found Lachlan to be very helpful, understanding and patient in helping me through the process.  I think your service was first class, just keep doing the same.”

Linton McAndrew

“Knowledgeable, efficient and an excellent result.”

David Burnet

“I’m still in shock, and overjoyed, with the incredible result you achieved with the TAC.  Just a note to express my extreme gratitude for a job well done.”

Drew Libbis

“Before my car accident, I’d never needed to use a lawyer. I asked friends who are successful lawyers in big firms (that don’t handle TAC claims) for recommendations and they suggested Adviceline.

From the very first time I spoke to my lawyer, I knew I was in safe hands. He’s clearly an expert who knows the TAC process thoroughly and he explains the process in straightforward, plain language.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Adviceline to anyone.”

Lisa Ramsey

“Polite, welcoming, efficient, met my expectations.”

Nawal Nazzal

“Very helpful.  Could not fault Sarah or staff at all.  Thank you.”

Malcolm Burkby

“Thank you for all the interest, care and wisdom shown in my case. We were so happy you finished the settlement so quickly, and are very happy with the outcome.”

Honorene Green

“I keep pinching myself to believe that the mediation is over!!!

Thank you both so much for all your work during the whole process, and especially for your support and guidance. We all felt that we were in good hands.

Thanks to the TAC team for everything. I’m very happy with the result.”

Joan Ahern

Such a difficult time for me – I felt grateful that I was being supported by someone who was caring, efficient and kind.

Margaret Howden

“Adviceline Injury Lawyers was recommended to me by our family solicitor.  On his recommendation I rang to speak to a lawyer and was blessed to be assigned to Genna.  My claim was a constant challenge, but early in the claim I felt I was in good hands.  She is so kind, considerate and compassionate with genuine empathy, which is so important in personal injury claims.

Genna always took my call or rang back as soon as she could, knowing that I would be anxious about my claim.  She answered emails after [office] hours and kept me updated.

I believe that people are the number one asset of any organisation, and Genna is Gold Class.

When it comes to her commitment to her clients, and in turn Adviceline Injury Lawyers, she is second to none.  I have no hesitation in recommending your practice to anyone who sadly needs help.”

Tony Lukas

“I am very proud to be working with you in a firm that does the right thing when the situation arises.

Whilst many law firms can provide effective representation, what is however unclear is whether their moral compass is set correctly.

The actions of Michael and Genna have unambiguously confirmed the setting of your firm’s moral compass.”

Jonathan Li

“Mr Lombard was very thorough and we felt like we were very well treated.  Our experience has been very positive with an amazing outcome.”

Apolinario Yndartt

“The way in which I was treated was absolutely awesome.  I was treated with respect and dignity and was always informed about what was happening with my case.  The service was extremely professional and I have mentioned your services to several people whom are now using your services.

Every time I called your offices with an issue, I was always treated with dignity and professionalism by Genna and her colleagues.  I believe that they are true asset to your organisation and what they did for me showed that there are still really genuine people left in the world.

I wish you all the very best for the future and once again would like to thank Genna and her colleagues for all the help and advice that I was given.”

Terry Aguis

“The Payne family wish to extend sincere thanks to Bree Knoester for her professional service, advice and guidance throughout our recent mesothelioma compensation claim.

It was a pleasure and an experience to have been associated with Bree for the last 6 months, and we are very satisfied with our final settlement outcome.

All the best for the future and we hope that you achieve your goals and objectives.”

The Payne Family

“Having spent almost 30 years working in the commercial field working with lawyers, both in the private and public sectors, I was interested when AIL was recommended by a Partner of another major Law Firm at the time of my accident.

I’d like to acknowledge the professionalism and dedication of both Andrea Tsalamandris and Bree Knoester and the AIL team during my case.  I suffered severe spinal injuries requiring surgery as the result of an accident at a shopping centre.  Bree proved invaluable in successfully negotiating and mediating an excellent settlement and later continuing to assist (negotiating with a 3rd party for reduced health fund re-payments) even after the case had finalised – exceptional service.”

S. Copley

“When I started my journey with you I did so with some reluctance (ok, a lot of reluctance!) and a great deal of anxiety.   Your faith in me and my case helped me to keep moving forward at times when I wanted to quit.

I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude to you both for the great result you achieved on my case.   It is still sinking in that after nearly 5 long years it is finally over! A tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can now move forward.”


Just a short note to convey my sincere thanks for all your hard work and support during such a difficult period.

Injured worker, Mentone

“Many thanks for your handling of my hearing claim.  You have always been most helpful and considerate.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your excellent, professional and speedy service.”

Martin Borda, Altona Meadows

“I wish to express many thanks on the quick and painless path this claim has taken.  I wish you and your staff all the best.”

Laurie Eaton, Reservoir

“We would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for being so prompt and proficient in settling Peter’s claim with WorkCover.”

Injured worker, Avondale Heights

“Thank you very much for your work, your help and determination over the past 7.5 years.  My thanks also to all those staff at Holding Redlich involved in my case.

Robert Regan, Rosebud

“Once again, please give our thanks to all who Vlado has seen over the years….We have always been treated with respect and courtesy in your office and are grateful for that also.”

Vlado & Andrea Klepac, Mooroolbark

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Holding Redlich who have given me excellent help when I have needed it and I believe that without this assistance I may still be trying to get some sort of satisfaction from CGU.”

Stephen Kearney, Boronia

“I would like to thank Holding Redlich for their great effort in this case and would not hesitate in recommending them to others.”

Keith McKinlay, Patterson Lakes

“Thanks to your team for your help in my case.  It was all pretty traumatic to go through but it helped a great deal to know that people were genuinely on my side.”

Arthur Wood, St Albans

“The lawyers and staff were great.  You can sit back and relax and let the team do the worrying for you.”

Terrance Macartney

“Dear Lauren, I have 2 cards sitting on the bench to send to you and Bree Knoester – still unwritten – to thank you both so much for believing in my case and helping me get the result needed for me.  It has been such a roller coaster of emotions over the last couple of years but I appreciate so much the way you both guided me and gave me support when I needed it.  I will always be indebted to you both.  Thank you again”.

Liz Corduff, Mount Waverley

“I am writing to you to express my extreme pleasure with Adviceline Lawyers, on the successful resolution of my medical negligence case against the hospital.

Genna took on my case, heard me out and got things rolling.  She never failed to work hard and push for the best possible outcome, and she consistently continued to give me full feedback on how things were progressing.  In Genna you have a wonderful asset for your firm and I would have no hesitation in recommending both her and Adviceline Lawyers to anyone looking for a top-flight legal firm whose ethos extends to providing the same quality service to the smaller client that it would provide to the biggest corporation in the land.”

Kim White, Mirboo North

“I write to you to express my overwhelming gratitude for the consideration, care and respect with which you approached my matter.  The daunting and demoralising demands of appearing in court were made tolerable by your gentle and kind attentions coupled with astute professionalism.

When I received your call on Monday Ursula, news of the favourable outcome was like a salve to my soul.  I have carried such a weight these past years, convinced that few could possibly “get” my story and sorely feeling the injustice of the whole sorry mess.  I had been preparing myself for the big possibility that His Honour himself would be unable or even unwilling to sort through the messy layers.  My consolation was to be that I had had the best possible people working on my behalf and that they believed in my case.  Thank you for that gracious support.  It meant so much to Milan and I as we endured the demands of those court proceedings.

For all your preparation and organisation, thank you.  Such an amazing team! Lucky are those future clients that have your expertise, commitment and care to help them through their own battles.”

Lynda and Milan

“Adviceline gave me the encouragement and confidence to go through with my case and was the one who made it all possible, beyond my expectations.  I was completely satisfied and am still thankful for all the support I received”.

Robyn, kindergarten teacher, Anglesea

“I was extremely happy with the way my case was handled and the result achieved”.

Pamela, retired, Endeavour Hills

“The staff at Adviceline were all excellent in their efficiency, politeness, helpfulness and co-operation.  I had a warm and caring feeling that I was going to be cared for and the case would be dealt with in a positive manner”.

Helen, teacher, Cobram

“My lawyer was fantastic.  She was helpful, polite and kept me going when I was ready to give up.  A credit to your company”.

Patrick, teacher, Monbulk

“I would not hesitate to recommend Adviceline Injury Lawyers to anyone in the future.  I found my lawyer to be very competent and professional at all times”.

Tony, fitter and turner, Hoppers Crossing

“In the last few months that I have been represented by yourself, I have found your services to be above and beyond.  In my initial interview with you, I found you to be extremely professional in the way that you engaged with me.

I have found your service has been very professional, informative, and efficient.  You have also made me feel very welcome to your firm and also have been very easy to approach when I have had any questions.

I would also like to say that you are a true asset to your firm, and in the future if I hear of anyone that is looking for a very professional and experienced solicitor, I will not hesitate to let them know you are the solicitor I would highly recommend.  I would like to give you a huge thank you for the work that you have done for me, and how much I appreciate this.

In closing thank you again for the service that you have provided and I will never forget what you have done for me”.


“I would like to thank you all so much for the work you have all done for me and for reaching such a great settlement outcome.

I believe that making a stand with my case has contributed greatly to changes and I am grateful that the chances of other people going through what I went through is now greatly reduced.  I feel like I have achieved justice and it’s all thanks to you all and the team at Adviceline Injury Lawyers”.


“I would like to thank you, Kathy and everyone who has helped me over the years in regards to my claim.  You all have made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  It has been a pleasure to know you all and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.  Thank you all so very much.”

Rosslyn Jones

“I just wanted to once again thank you for all your hard work that led to a very good outcome.  It may not take the pain away but it will certainly meet the cost of addressing it! I thank you also for your very personable and understanding approach.”

Mia Silver

“Excellent work, Lisa always made me feel comfortable and at ease.  She was always in control explaining everything to my understanding that gave me confidence.”

Derrick Hayes

“Lisa’s work and ethics were exceptional! Her handling/organising was very professional.”

Raymond, Chelsea

“Dear Lisa, I would like to let you know how much I appreciate your care and kindness toward me over the past two and a half years.  But also for your hard work in achieving such an excellent result!”

Shirley, retired

“To Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for your understanding, assistance and patience during this very stressful time.  You truly do show you want the best result for me and also take into consideration what I may be able to bear.”

Lynne Jessup

“Very professional service.  My lawyer was knowledgeable, clear and concise, friendly and informative.  We are very happy with the service received and will recommend you to our families and friends.”

Vincent Peach

“Excellent to deal with, many thanks for a great job.  Well done Adviceline.”

Ross McLoughlin

“Would recommend without hesitation.”

Bree McDonald

“My lawyer was really helpful in the initial stages and guided me through the sad loss of my son.  Adviceline made this so much easier for me.  I had no idea of what to expect, or do, but his help in arranging meetings with various people and organisations made life a little easier for me.”

Bob Crocker, Ardeer

“I was kept me very well informed, and the team thoroughly explained pathways and exceeded my expectations.  My lawyer was very well prepared and achieved the best possible result”

Joe Amalfi

“It was a pleasure to deal with Adviceline and the TAC team.  I was always kept informed.”

Allen McNamara

“Thank you for everything and all the hard work you did for me.”

Nick Iannetta

“Very sympathetic, kind and polite at all times”.

Eryn Kelly

“Please thank the TAC team for their fantastic support and help.  Thought the service of Adviceline Injury Lawyers was first class and no complaints.”

Laurie Nash

“Lovely, efficient and committed.  Adviceline Injury Lawyers were super.”

Felicity Maxwell

“This was my first contact with a Law office and lawyer.  Often a daunting prospect.  The TAC team displayed extreme professionalism in all dealings explaining every detail of my case in language that I could understand.  Thank you all for a job well done and reaching a satisfactory conclusion.”

David Fryer

“I would like to thank the Adviceline TAC team for all work they did on my case.  Professional, polite, efficient, friendly.  The communication with the client was outstanding.  I would have no problem recommending Adviceline and have no complaints.”

Mark Irvin

“Since my settlement with TAC I have been singing the praises of Adviceline Injury Lawyers.  Michael showed me professionalism and knowledge which gave me confidence which in turn relieved a lot of my stress I cannot thank him enough.  Also Kylie was on the ball with all information and appointments in relation to my case which again relieved pressure on me.  Thank you again.  Would not hesitate to recommend Adviceline to anyone.”

Glen Costello

“The TAC team were sympathetic and efficient.  I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Joan Koch

“I just wanted to extend my gratitude and humble thanks for the expert work you did to achieve the best possible outcome for my case.”

Mark Hertan

“The lawyers and staff were great.  You can sit back and relax and let the team do the worrying for you.”

Terrance Macartney

“I am very grateful to you and your company who offer your expert service to the Peter Mac Cancer Centre and cancer sufferers, like myself.  This insurance money will make whatever time I have left, a little easier financially.”

Jane Furneaux