Who is responsible for my noise induced hearing loss claim?

Who is responsible for my noise induced hearing loss claim?

It is a common misconception that those who can make claims for noise induced hearing loss must be people who are exposed to loud machinery. This is not the case as there are a variety of employees who are exposed to noise that may be enough to damage their hearing.

Noise induced hearing loss can transpire over many years, and is often the result of many different employers and jobs. The scheme does not split the blame between your employers, nor does it place the blame on what would be considered the noisiest employer. 

A claim for noise induced hearing loss must simply be lodged against the most recent employer with whom you were exposed to noise. It does not matter how long you have worked there, or for what period in a day you are exposed to noise. If you have industrial deafness, and are occasionally exposed to noise, that is enough for you to make enquiries about a claim for noise induced hearing loss.

Adviceline Injury Lawyers recently assisted a teacher with a claim for noise induced hearing loss.

Our client was an economics teacher and was not exposed to great levels of noise throughout the course of her normal classes. 

However, like many other teachers, our client had occasionally been exposed to noise in other parts of her job. This included supervising school discos, attending and supervising sports days where there is noise from megaphones, whistles and starter guns. On occasion, our client was also required to supervise the some PE classes, metal work and wood working classes.

The outcome was that our client was able to receive lump sum compensation and hearing aids due to the level of her loss.

If you feel your hearing has been affected by some of the parts of your job, our hearing loss team can set up an obligation-free consultation to discuss your options. Call our Hearing Loss team on (03) 9321 9782.

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