Melanoma disease and skin cancer

At least one out of every two Australians will require treatment for a type of skin cancer in their lifetime.

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What is a melanoma?

Melanoma disease is the fourth most common type of cancer and is often caused by UV sun exposure. It is a malignant tumour of the melanocytes which are cells that produce the dark pigment, melanin, in our skin. Melanoma disease can take many years to develop after sun exposure, sometimes up to 40 years.

I am affected by melanoma disease or skin cancer. What can I do?

If your work has caused or contributed to you developing melanoma disease or skin cancer, it is important that you get the right advice.

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How does the claims process work?

We can assist you with lodging a claim for compensation. In most cases, we need to obtain a medical report to ascertain the relationship between your employment and your melanoma disease or skin cancer.

For more information, see How does the claims process work.

What are my entitlements?

To be eligible for compensation in Victoria, your work must be a ‘significant contributing factor’ to the development of melanoma disease or skin cancer. It does not have to be the only cause.

If you are able to establish that your work was a ‘significant contributing factor’, you may be entitled to:

  1. Weekly payments of compensation (wages) if you have required time off work
  2. Payment of reasonable medical and like expenses
  3. Lump sum compensation for residual scarring or permanent impairment
  4. Common law damages if you are able to establish that the melanoma disease or skin cancer is a serious injury and your injury was caused by the negligence of your employer or another party associated with your employment.

For more information, see What are my entitlements.

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