7 Aug 2020 Injured workers’ success despite unreasonable terminations | Four Corners
4 Aug 2020 Is deep vein thrombosis covered by WorkCover?
28 Jul 2020 Employee killed while working from home
21 Jul 2020 TAC resorts to shock campaign to raise awareness about seat belt safety
15 Jul 2020 Adviceline Injury Lawyers opens new office in Morwell
14 Jul 2020 Cancers from common manufacturing materials
7 Jul 2020 Claiming for industrial deafness as a self-employer
1 Jul 2020 Promotions at Adviceline
30 Jun 2020 Workplace manslaughter sentences set to be increased
23 Jun 2020 Success for Wangaratta healthcare worker
16 Jun 2020 Poor OH&S leading to serious injury and death
11 Jun 2020 Supporting our frontline workers
9 Jun 2020 Compensation options for those injured by the Hazelwood fire
2 Jun 2020 Transport accidents at work: Who is responsible and what assistance can I access?
29 May 2020 Fatality Free Friday 2020
26 May 2020 Victorian Supreme Court’s logical interpretation of a “dependent child”
19 May 2020 Making a Comcare claim after being stood down
14 May 2020 Historical Mornington icons raise asbestos concerns
13 May 2020 Grace Bowran-Burge finalist in Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30
12 May 2020 Mounting pressure on non-participating institutions
5 May 2020 Compensation for a 30-year-old injury
28 Apr 2020 Voluntary assisted dying – The experience so far
24 Apr 2020 WorkCover impacted by the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020
21 Apr 2020 The Pell Verdict
17 Apr 2020 Bree Knoester recognised as a Best Lawyer for 2021
14 Apr 2020 Am I eligible for WorkCover if I contract COVID-19?
9 Apr 2020 Adviceline celebrates its newest lawyer!
7 Apr 2020 Can I claim Comcare if I contract COVID19?
31 Mar 2020 COVID19: Injured while working from home?
24 Mar 2020 A civilised profession? 10 years of the Civil Procedure Act
23 Mar 2020 COVID19: What happens with my claim while in quarantine?
19 Mar 2020 Reasonable Administrative Action under Comcare
17 Mar 2020 Can reality TV contestants really be called “workers”?
16 Mar 2020 COVID19 plan for Adviceline clients and inquiries
10 Mar 2020 Injured workers and compensation from Comcare
2 Mar 2020 TAC pursues fraudulent compensation claims
25 Feb 2020 Workplace burns: Worse than it looks
18 Feb 2020 Get to know the head of our new TAC department
7 Feb 2020 Increased transparency planned for the National Redress Scheme
4 Feb 2020 Should your WorkCover claim fall under Victorian law or another State’s jurisdiction?
22 Jan 2020 Mandatory safe passing distances: the time for change is now
14 Jan 2020 Workplace banned from discussing bullying case
13 Jan 2020 Adviceline appoints a new head of TAC claims
7 Jan 2020 Workplace manslaughter laws coming soon!
16 Dec 2019 Be safe this festive season
6 Dec 2019 Health hazards and the bushfire season
3 Dec 2019 WorkSafe under fire as Ombudsman releases new investigation report
27 Nov 2019 Christmas injuries and work parties
20 Nov 2019 Age is no barrier to compensation
12 Nov 2019 Healthcare workers encouraged to report needle stick injuries
6 Nov 2019 Can employees take or accrue leave while also receiving workers’ compensation?
1 Nov 2019 Adviceline Injury Lawyers recognised extensively in latest Doyle’s Guide listings
29 Oct 2019 WorkSafe targeted blitz on the use of portable ladders
28 Oct 2019 Nauru medical evacuations
22 Oct 2019 Convicted bully receives fine for jeopardising employees’ health
21 Oct 2019 Landmark settlement in Victorian silicosis claim
15 Oct 2019 CT scanning: Best tool to screen for silica exposure
Genomic testing: What is it and what are the legal implications?
8 Oct 2019 WorkCover weekly payment terminations and reinstatement
24 Sep 2019 If you cheat the WorkCover system, you will get caught!
10 Sep 2019 Do I have rights to annual leave while on workers compensation?
4 Sep 2019 Have you been injured? Tell your Doctor!
27 Aug 2019 Tree fatalities continue to concern workers
22 Aug 2019 Law changes to protect workers from silica
19 Aug 2019 Can Kim Kardashian be my personal injury lawyer?
14 Aug 2019 Are you an art teacher? You could be at risk of “stonemason’s disease”
12 Aug 2019 Understanding Medical and Like Expenses
5 Aug 2019 Claiming compensation as a Commonwealth employee
2 Aug 2019 A death at work: Assistance to the family
29 Jul 2019 Car accidents with wildlife
22 Jul 2019 Cancer legislation a cool change for firefighters
15 Jul 2019 A second chance for sexual abuse survivors
8 Jul 2019 Compensation for Commonwealth employees
2 Jul 2019 New program for traumatised first responders
1 Jul 2019 WorkCover and your obligation to return to work
24 Jun 2019 Intentional torts and negligence
19 Jun 2019 Now active: Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying laws
18 Jun 2019 Slips, trips and falls: Public liability claims
12 Jun 2019 JoJo Siwa make-up found to contain asbestos fibres
10 Jun 2019 What happens if I am under surveillance?
3 Jun 2019 Occupational violence and risky workplaces
27 May 2019 Hazardous waste and substances
22 May 2019 Why you should slow a post injury return to work
20 May 2019 Comcare unreasonably change flexible working arrangement
13 May 2019 Conflicting interests: Sporting clubs as employer and health care provider
8 May 2019 National Redress Scheme falls short
6 May 2019 WorkCover claims for victims of sham contracting
2 May 2019 Protection from deadly silica dust for all Australians
1 May 2019 The value of a doctor’s note
22 Apr 2019 Trust brings change
17 Apr 2019 Taking control of medical decisions
1 Apr 2019 WorkCover claim for workplace violence
22 Mar 2019 Your Best Lawyers announced
20 Mar 2019 Seven year Comcare itch
11 Mar 2019 Why talk to your employer about mental health?
4 Mar 2019 Successful appeal in cigarette break injury
22 Feb 2019 Reporter awarded $180k in damages for post traumatic stress
Media release: James Gargasoulas sentenced
18 Feb 2019 Success for injured health worker at Medical Panel
12 Feb 2019 New silica guides to keep Victorian workers safe
11 Feb 2019 Coronial findings in thunderstorm asthma inquest
6 Feb 2019 If I signed a waiver, can I still claim compensation?
4 Feb 2019 Jail time for Gippsland employer
31 Jan 2019 Council road/ footpath injury claims
28 Jan 2019 An overview of the WorkSafe investigation
21 Jan 2019 The great onion debate: Slips, trips and… vegetables?
14 Jan 2019 Legal loophole facilitates elder abuse
9 Jan 2019 Cosmetic surgeons: A botched job title?
19 Dec 2018 My work placement with Adviceline
17 Dec 2018 Asbestos revelations for Johnson & Johnson baby powder
4 Dec 2018 Police and emergency workers: WorkCover reform critical
29 Nov 2018 Work-related lung diseases continue to rise
28 Nov 2018 Calls to include ‘intentional assault’ under WorkCover
27 Nov 2018 WorkCover entitlements for stress claims
13 Nov 2018 Media release: James Gargasoulas guilty verdict
Head injury compensation claims in Victoria
7 Nov 2018 That’s rubbish! Injured through another’s use of a vehicle
31 Oct 2018 Anonymous sexual abuse survivors
29 Oct 2018 Media release: James Gargasoulos fit to stand trial
Adviceline Injury Lawyers named Leading Firm
25 Oct 2018 Lawyers evacuating children off Nauru
24 Oct 2018 If I work for Uber/ Airtasker/ similar… am I covered by WorkCover?
22 Oct 2018 New proposal helps victims of crime
18 Oct 2018 Michael Lombard named ‘life member’ of Road Trauma Support Services Victoria
17 Oct 2018 Congratulations to our newest lawyer!
15 Oct 2018 Legal options for survivors of sexual assault
1 Oct 2018 Royal Commission into Aged Care
26 Sep 2018 Needle in a strawberry tampered stack
24 Sep 2018 The ups and downs of trampoline parks
17 Sep 2018 DIY responsible for increasing mesothelioma diagnoses
12 Sep 2018 Bullying, first responders and WorkCover claims
3 Sep 2018 Prisoner compensation claims
27 Aug 2018 What to do if you have a dodgy dentist
14 Aug 2018 The real cost of asbestos for Australians
6 Aug 2018 A practical guide to ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangements
1 Aug 2018 Adviceline opens Wangaratta office!
30 Jul 2018 TAC maximum compensation settlement: Without Court
23 Jul 2018 Serious injury certificate success
16 Jul 2018 Rolling out redress for survivors of child sexual abuse
12 Jul 2018 New laws help families re-open Coronial investigations
4 Jul 2018 WorkCover “top-up” payments after 130 weeks
2 Jul 2018 Paula Shelton appointed to Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board
29 Jun 2018 ‘Ellis defence’ no longer a barrier for survivors of institutional child abuse
27 Jun 2018 Can I claim compensation for a burn at work?
20 Jun 2018 Golf handicap indicates severity of employee’s injury
15 Jun 2018 National apology for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse
13 Jun 2018 Wangaratta GP sexual abuse shines the light on patient safety
12 Jun 2018 Proposed legislation is good news for employees and cyclists
What can I expect in a common law claim?
8 Jun 2018 Sensible changes to TAC legislation
7 Jun 2018 Positive changes to WorkCover law
5 Jun 2018 Interview with Michael Lombard: Avoiding that sinking feeling
31 May 2018 High profile institutions join national redress scheme
Can I claim compensation if I was injured in a rental property?
28 May 2018 Why was my WorkCover claim rejected?
25 May 2018 Sealing legal loophole assists child abuse victims sue
23 May 2018 What is a ‘garnishee order’?
21 May 2018 Serious injury certificate granted after 7 year fight
17 May 2018 Can my employer attend my medical appointment?
15 May 2018 6 top tips for injured workers
2 May 2018 Highly serious: TAC v Katanas will guide future decisions
30 Apr 2018 ‪’Reasonable adjustment’ after 52 weeks away from work‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
23 Apr 2018 Injured students sue negligent schools
17 Apr 2018 Teacher compensated for psychiatric injury
13 Apr 2018 ‘Lawyer of the Year’ and Best Lawyers announced
10 Apr 2018 Injured at work – can I sue?
4 Apr 2018 Children injured at childcare
28 Mar 2018 Major win for youth worker with PTSD
22 Mar 2018 Risking it all: The urbex craze
15 Mar 2018 Providing advice to workers who need it most
Melanoma: An occupational hazard
13 Mar 2018 International students and WorkCover
7 Mar 2018 Challenging a Comcare decision
5 Mar 2018 Tram injuries – A growing concern
28 Feb 2018 No more medical excess for TAC claims
26 Feb 2018 Compensation for Psychological Injury at work
19 Feb 2018 Subpoenas: your rights and obligations
12 Feb 2018 Victim tells how serial abuser was let off the hook
31 Jan 2018 “Make-up pay” success
29 Jan 2018 Sexual misconduct, doctors and patient protection reform
22 Jan 2018 Cycling injuries: Prevention is key
15 Jan 2018 I was injured while cycling! Am I covered?
Mental health, sleep and WorkCover injury claims
6 Jan 2018 Talking about hearing loss
19 Dec 2017 Nursing home falls: A practical guide
13 Dec 2017 Redundancy and WorkCover
11 Dec 2017 Rural Victoria focuses on road safety
4 Dec 2017 Comfort for sufferers of asbestos disease
30 Nov 2017 Victoria passes voluntary assisted dying laws
27 Nov 2017 DIY renovators warned of asbestos exposure
21 Nov 2017 Interview with Bree Knoester: Privileged to run
20 Nov 2017 No more violence against women!
13 Nov 2017 Obtaining a Serious Injury Certificate
6 Nov 2017 WorkSafe Annual Report
Infographic: Personal injury timeline
1 Nov 2017 Calculating weekly payments of compensation
26 Oct 2017 The ‘lost years’: The loss of a pension
23 Oct 2017 Your right to return to work
19 Oct 2017 The changing landscape of Court evidence
16 Oct 2017 Return to work: Employer obligations under WorkCover
9 Oct 2017 Legislation changes
3 Oct 2017 Injured on a lunch break?
18 Sep 2017 Watch out for grapes on the floor!
14 Sep 2017 ‘Serious Injury’ test: TAC v Katanas
12 Sep 2017 Biceps tendon | Patient’s Guide
Psychiatric injury: A serious risk for workers
6 Sep 2017 Occupational suicide
28 Aug 2017 Victorian voluntary assisted dying framework
Common causes of slips and trips
24 Aug 2017 Dangerous drug driving
21 Aug 2017 Uncertain cost of NDIS assistance
17 Aug 2017 Empowering young women
15 Aug 2017 Confidential settlement with Churchyard estate
Sex abuse case against deceased doctor settled
Weekly payments entitlements: Things change
8 Aug 2017 Occupational breathing difficulties
7 Aug 2017 Progress made on chaperone report
3 Aug 2017 Are you serious?
1 Aug 2017 Health and safety: A tradies greatest power tool!
20 Jul 2017 Bourke Street tragedy Inquest adjourned
Bourke St tragedy: Victorian coroner puts off inquest
19 Jul 2017 Misdiagnosis and delay: the benefit of hindsight
18 Jul 2017 Repeated sexual abuse by neurologist
Forgotten industrial disease ‘silicosis’ named new asbestos
17 Jul 2017 Medical regulator promises change
Injuries on farms
13 Jul 2017 Negligence claims against schools
12 Jul 2017 Bourke Street Inquest announced
10 Jul 2017 Termination of weekly payments
5 Jul 2017 New Health Complaints Commissioner
4 Jul 2017 New abuse laws to protect children
26 Jun 2017 Compensation for childhood sexual abuse
22 Jun 2017 Bullying verdict exceeds $1 million
21 Jun 2017 Tradespeople and psychiatric injury
New firefighter cancer legislation
20 Jun 2017 Asbestos in Polaris quad bikes
19 Jun 2017 WorkCover and employer discrimination
16 Jun 2017 Someone drove into my workplace! Am I covered?
14 Jun 2017 Welcome Tina Toutzaris-Sabo!
Causation in medical negligence
12 Jun 2017 Someone drove into my house! Am I covered?
6 Jun 2017 TAC’S new client app: My TAC
5 Jun 2017 James Hardie to pay damages and fund trial drug
30 May 2017 Mental health toll on doctors and lawyers
29 May 2017 WorkSafe policy change for farm quad bikes
25 May 2017 Overturning a rejected stress claim
24 May 2017 Fatality Free Friday
22 May 2017 What is Conciliation?
19 May 2017 When compensation schemes overlap
18 May 2017 Invitation: What would I tell my 15 year old self?
17 May 2017 The ACCS and Medical Panels have moved!
11 May 2017 Government commits funding to redress
10 May 2017 More Court support for victims
8 May 2017 Injuries on public transport
4 May 2017 TAC’s new rapid payment scheme
3 May 2017 Supporting disability workers
2 May 2017 ‘Special Financial Assistance’ for victims halved since 1988
1 May 2017 Compensating traumatised public servants
Compensation legislation update: TAC
24 Apr 2017 Mental health: Important to advise your employer
12 Apr 2017 A risky business: Personal injury in sport
11 Apr 2017 Ensuring patient safety: Chaperone report released
7 Apr 2017 Best injury lawyers
30 Mar 2017 Oh, oh. I don’t have WorkCover insurance…
29 Mar 2017 Driverless cars and the TAC
28 Mar 2017 WorkSafe legal battle over farm quad bikes
21 Mar 2017 Civil trials: a law student perspective
20 Mar 2017 Celebrating communities
9 Mar 2017 International Women’s Day
1 Mar 2017 Don’t be talked out of lodging a claim
27 Feb 2017 “Black spot” funding announced
23 Feb 2017 TAC streamlines processes for Bourke Street victims
Legislation passed to better protect children
22 Feb 2017 Still limping: The ongoing development of the law on pure psychiatric injury
20 Feb 2017 Bourke Street rampage: legal support information
16 Feb 2017 Who is entitled to TAC benefits?
14 Feb 2017 Adviceline welcomes three new lawyers!
13 Feb 2017 Non-English speaking patients and informed consent
8 Feb 2017 Car accidents and Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT)
6 Feb 2017 Can I contribute a personal injury payment to my superannuation?
Appealing a Medical Panel decision in WorkCover
1 Feb 2017 The gateway to serious injury
25 Jan 2017 Liability in Lorne: Falls Festival stampede
24 Jan 2017 What happens if I’m injured in a home renovation?
23 Jan 2017 To the victims of the Bourke Street tragedy
Working in extreme temperatures
Celebrating the Year of the Rooster!
18 Jan 2017 Wrongs Act amendment: Implications for injured Victorians
16 Jan 2017 Why can’t VOCAT assist victims of arson and property damage?
12 Jan 2017 Accessing super fund contributions
9 Jan 2017 Avoiding a delay in diagnosis of melanoma
22 Dec 2016 A year of change: psychiatric injury in traffic accidents
15 Dec 2016 To Calderbank or to compromise?
9 Dec 2016 Thunderstorm asthma: Victorian Coroner investigates
8 Dec 2016 Victorian Parliament to vote on legislation for assisted dying
Gender Equality, Diversity and the Advancement of Women
7 Dec 2016 Government accepts recommendation to legalise assisted dying
6 Dec 2016 Victorian Government further commit to ending child abuse
1 Dec 2016 When end of year festivities get out of hand
25 Nov 2016 Leading Victorian Asbestos & Dust Diseases Lawyer
Leading law firm in Doyle’s Guide
23 Nov 2016 I’ve been exposed to asbestos, what should I do?
22 Nov 2016 Progessing child abuse legislation
21 Nov 2016 Next steps after an injury
17 Nov 2016 Asbestos compensation: who seeks legal advice?
14 Nov 2016 Asbestos media storm
11 Nov 2016 International Conference in Asbestos Awareness
10 Nov 2016 Couriers are covered by WorkCover
9 Nov 2016 Geelong Grammar abuse survivor submissions published
7 Nov 2016 Celebrating the Melton Djerriwarrh Festival
4 Nov 2016 National redress scheme for child abuse survivors announced
2 Nov 2016 Justice prevails for victims of abusive dentist
Dentist Hartley Davey to pay child sex victims $250,000 compensation
Urgent calls for roll-out of sexual abuse redress scheme
31 Oct 2016 Recommendations for child sexual abuse redress scheme
28 Oct 2016 TAC entitlement changes proposed under Compensation Bill
Compensation changes proposed under amended Bill
24 Oct 2016 Devastating consequences of workplace stress
17 Oct 2016 What if my hearing loss is my fault?
14 Oct 2016 Reporting health professional concerns
13 Oct 2016 Trip and fall in a public park: a public liability claim
Federal government to support traumatised soldiers
10 Oct 2016 Mental health condition? Exposure to bullying? You’re not alone.
Mindfulness – not just another buzz word
Public liability injuries and medical expenses
7 Oct 2016 Is your workplace increasing your risk of cancer?
5 Oct 2016 Why compensation claims are rejected – and what you can do about it
4 Oct 2016 Workplace bullying
3 Oct 2016 If I have a pre-existing injury, can I still claim WorkCover?
Can my employment be terminated if I make a WorkCover claim?
29 Sep 2016 Dr Andrew Churchyard’s Tasmanian abuse claims increase
27 Sep 2016 Unlicensed motorists and TAC entitlements
26 Sep 2016 Workplace fatalities continue to devastate
23 Sep 2016 One meter cycling law recommended
22 Sep 2016 How to complete a worker’s injury claim form
19 Sep 2016 Hearing loss at work – sudden vs extended
13 Sep 2016 Dirty insurance company tactics: adding insult to injury
12 Sep 2016 The Dimasi case: Traditional legal concepts vs modern work scenarios
8 Sep 2016 R U OK? The question that can save a life.
2 Sep 2016 How to handle a traumatised employee
1 Sep 2016 Rules for driverless cars urgent
31 Aug 2016 Incredible TAC settlement for quadriplegic
Bikers group needs to be busy
26 Aug 2016 Sexual abuse: your right to be safe
23 Aug 2016 Workers Compensation and Human Rights
17 Aug 2016 Former patient stories ‘similar with worrying themes’
Andrew Churchyard allegedly groomed dozens of patients to molest them
16 Aug 2016 Social media and injured workers
15 Aug 2016 Who pays for your hearing loss? Your last noisy employer
11 Aug 2016 Independent review commissioned into chaperoning
10 Aug 2016 Dozens of doctors being watched due to sexual misconduct allegations
9 Aug 2016 Beware! Pokémon Go may put a stop on your injury claim
8 Aug 2016 Doctors, sexual misconduct and the law: 3AW interviews Bree Knoester
4 Aug 2016 Asbestos at our borders: investigation report released
2 Aug 2016 Patient plans to sue Andrew Churchyard’s estate over sexual misconduct
Churchyard case prompts grave concerns for patient safety
1 Aug 2016 Injured at the gym? Compensation is available
28 Jul 2016 When a loved one dies
27 Jul 2016 Asbestos found in children’s crayons in 2015, testing stops there
26 Jul 2016 Improving outcomes for the Latrobe Valley
21 Jul 2016 Asbestos imports prompt national alert
18 Jul 2016 Mother not compensated because son injured himself
13 Jul 2016 Calls for emergency services worker support
11 Jul 2016 What is negligence?
4 Jul 2016 Accidental happenings
30 Jun 2016 Concerns raised about maternity and neonatal care in Vic hospitals
‘Supercharge’ your weekly payments after 52 weeks
22 Jun 2016 In your language: legal advice for non-English speakers
20 Jun 2016 Driving age is an experience issue
Refugees, migrants, tourists and the TAC
Hearing aids – finding peace without unwanted quiet
19 Jun 2016 Refugees have rights at work too!
18 Jun 2016 Farming: a dangerous occupation
14 Jun 2016 Pro bono legal advice: justice for all
13 Jun 2016 Slips, trips and tumbles
Wall collapse: compensation under the Sentencing Act
11 Jun 2016 Negligent medical treatment? Here is what you should do
9 Jun 2016 End of life care: legislation for assisting the dying
6 Jun 2016 What is the difference between a barrister and a solicitor?
3 Jun 2016 Top questions to ask a personal injury lawyer
1 Jun 2016 Mental health: troubling workplace attitudes persist
Criticism of one-meter cyclist rule illogical
31 May 2016 Important things to know about Comcare
30 May 2016 Court finds in favour of worker with aggravated back injury
Interim report tabled for asbestos importing inquiry
26 May 2016 Worker allowed to pursue damages for 1995 injury
24 May 2016 Dramatic increase to Victorian road toll
23 May 2016 Injured? How to begin an exercise program
20 May 2016 The stress of stress claims
18 May 2016 Detailed medical reports vital in Medical Panel reviews
11 May 2016 Injured diving instructor successful dispute
4 May 2016 ‘Nervous shock’ and the Hillsborough disaster: injustices remain
Adviceline Injury Lawyers opens new office in Melton
2 May 2016 Mesothelioma update: new chemotherapy treatments
27 Apr 2016 Migrant and foreign workers: do you know your legal rights?
25 Apr 2016 Asbestos exposed in the Greek community
19 Apr 2016 New TAC guidelines for lawyers
18 Apr 2016 Negligence on the roads: a guide to common law claims
Workplace negligence: a guide to common law claims
Traffic accidents and the ‘agony of the moment’
14 Apr 2016 Poison in the pipes?
11 Apr 2016 Parkinson’s cluster discovered in regional Victoria
7 Apr 2016 Minimal passing distance trial good for all
30 Mar 2016 Clinical trial deaths a costly reminder of the risks involved
29 Mar 2016 Vehicles passing cyclists: should Victoria have distance laws?
22 Mar 2016 Time pressure is no excuse to risk your safety
21 Mar 2016 Celebrating communities in which we live and work
Harmony Day: embracing cultural diversity
Compensation and work-related cancer
Compensation for sky rail neighbours – welcome addition to a good idea
16 Mar 2016 Government reviewing steps taken towards ending asbestos imports
11 Mar 2016 Elevated rail provides for better bike routes in Melbourne’s south east
10 Mar 2016 Occupiers’ liability and the Erin Andrews decision
8 Mar 2016 International Womens Day
Insurers’ unjust decisions deny benefits to the injured
7 Mar 2016 Adviceline Injury Lawyers – women helping women
6 Mar 2016 Victoria records highest road toll in three years
4 Mar 2016 Workers’ Compensation Conference – TAC changes and developments
29 Feb 2016 Injured clients and alternative dispute processes
26 Feb 2016 Michael Lombard announced for the third consecutive year as leading personal injury lawyer
24 Feb 2016 Melton office moves to temporary premises
22 Feb 2016 Melbourne ‘sky-rail’ good for all
18 Feb 2016 Welcome Ceremony for Judge Tsalamandris
15 Feb 2016 Workplace horrors traumatising frontline workers
11 Feb 2016 Adviceline Injury Lawyers expand Springvale office in response to an increasing demand for legal advice in Melbourne’s South East
8 Feb 2016 Charges brought over Hazelwood mine fire
7 Feb 2016 Adviceline celebrate the Year of the Monkey at the Springvale Lunar New Year Festival
3 Feb 2016 One of us becomes a Judge!
25 Jan 2016 Reminder: Check your insurance policies
18 Jan 2016 Partner Bree Knoester is this week’s guest reporter for online journalism project Croakey
12 Jan 2016 Announcing new partner, Lisa Paul
19 Dec 2015 TAC advertising in computer games
$300,000 Fine for Workplace Fatality – Holding Redlich Assists Widow
$867,000 damages for injured worker
Asbestos exposure and psychiatric injury
Court welcomed nursing lawyer
Fitter and turner granted leave to sue for back injury
18 Dec 2015 Damages Settlement for Gaming Room Worker
10 Dec 2015 Fire at Hazelwood mine likely contributed to higher death rate in La Trobe Valley
4 Dec 2015 Success in Defending Strike out Application
Victorian Government considers compensation following Fiskville exposure
2 Dec 2015 Car texting out
24 Nov 2015 International Asbestos Conference in Australia
23 Nov 2015 Asbestos: not a thing of the past
22 Nov 2015 Reality TV show not reality?
21 Nov 2015 Building products and builders beware
20 Nov 2015 Police, security guards and insufficient liability
19 Nov 2015 Dancing on chairs while drunk
18 Nov 2015 Suing an impecunious and uninsured defendant
17 Nov 2015 Workers’ Compensation Conference
16 Nov 2015 Michael Lombard elected to Law Institute Council of Victoria
14 Nov 2015 Asbestos imports…again
13 Nov 2015 Adviceline wins dispute to pursue compensation for injured worker
12 Nov 2015 Home renovators warned about the dangers of asbestos exposure
9 Nov 2015 ALIL and Holding Redlich support Frocktober
8 Nov 2015 Concerns for mismanaged asbestos removal efforts in schools
6 Nov 2015 ALIL Supports Ombudsman Investigation into Insurers
2 Nov 2015 Patient concerns
21 Oct 2015 Unfair TAC laws for mental injury to be fixed
18 Oct 2015 Our deepest sympathies to the families of stillbirths in Bacchus Marsh and Melton
16 Oct 2015 Concern about new motorcycle laws allowing “filtering”
9 Oct 2015 Stressful classrooms lead more teachers to give up their jobs
1 Oct 2015 Deemed diseases list updated to assist injured workers
25 Sep 2015 Pain and suffering damages settlement for injured nurse
10 Sep 2015 Mental illness in the workplace takes centre stage on R U OK day
9 Sep 2015 Children at risk as crayons test positive for asbestos
4 Sep 2015 Damages claim settles for death in abattoir
28 Aug 2015 Long hours put workers at risk of stroke
21 Aug 2015 Worker wins serious injury certificate with help of Adviceline Injury Lawyers
17 Aug 2015 Bike lanes and the law
14 Aug 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers wins compensation for worker’s loss of taste and smell
7 Aug 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers wins recognition of serious injury for Victorian worker
31 Jul 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers settles case for psychologically injured teacher
29 Jul 2015 Injured cyclists’ help like a “Dog’s Breakfast”
24 Jul 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers help children who have lost their parents in a car accident
17 Jul 2015 Inquiry into protection of Victorians from deadly toxins begins
10 Jul 2015 Injuries at work functions still covered by WorkCover system
26 Jun 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers settles case for injured mechanic
18 Jun 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers helps worker prove serious psychiatric injury
11 Jun 2015 High Court examines who can bring a claim following death in a transport accident
28 May 2015 Older Victorian pedestrians at greater risk of transport accidents
21 May 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers helps worker prove serious injury
14 May 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers wins compensation for injured worker
7 May 2015 Victorian State Government moves to change compensation rights for families of prisoners
30 Apr 2015 Remembering those lost through dust diseases
23 Apr 2015 WorkSafe Victoria announces half yearly profit of $94 million
9 Apr 2015 TAC back away from shock tactics with latest road safety campaign
2 Apr 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers helps injured Victorian overcome time limit
26 Mar 2015 Injured worker accesses pain and suffering compensation
20 Mar 2015 New laws in Victoria attempt to reduce injuries to cyclists
12 Mar 2015 Injured worker wins right to seek compensation from former employer
5 Mar 2015 More Victorian workers put at risk from Fiskville fiasco
27 Feb 2015 New WorkCover Certificates compulsory for Victorian workers
19 Feb 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers settles case for injured teacher
11 Feb 2015 Major supporter of Springvale’s Lunar New Year festivities celebrates the cultural diversity of firm
6 Feb 2015 Adviceline Injury Lawyers opens office to assist injured people in Melbourne’s North
29 Jan 2015 More to be done to help Victorian transport accident victims
22 Jan 2015 “Cancer cluster” puts Victorian firefighters at risk of terminal illness
15 Jan 2015 One less hurdle for Victorian dust-disease sufferers
12 Dec 2014 Greater protection required for Victorian firefighters and their families
9 Dec 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers assists family following death in custody
28 Nov 2014 Young employees vulnerable to injuries at work
20 Nov 2014 Asbestos related illnesses still a serious problem for workers and their families
14 Nov 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers wins County Court judgment for injured worker
7 Nov 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers quoted in Law Institute Journal special edition
31 Oct 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers helping injured Victorians in northern suburbs
24 Oct 2014 Injured worker wins right to sue employer for compensation
17 Oct 2014 Tinnitus is serious
10 Oct 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers wins out of time application for injured worker
3 Oct 2014 TAC a bit Rich
26 Sep 2014 TAC deny full entitlements for injured Victorian
19 Sep 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers helps injured worker access compensation
11 Sep 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers celebrate three years in Springvale
5 Sep 2014 Laws governing compensation set to change in Victoria after Commission inquiry
28 Aug 2014 Welders may access workers’ compensation for cancer
22 Aug 2014 Compensation for Victorian workers who develop melanoma
15 Aug 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers helps overturn rejection of WorkCover claim for injured worker
8 Aug 2014 The Impact of Facebook on Claims for Compensation
1 Aug 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers helps injured worker protect entitlements
25 Jul 2014 TAC proposes to change the way people with spinal injuries access compensation
18 Jul 2014 Compensation for MH17 relatives
10 Jul 2014 Assistance for dying worker after asbestos exposure
3 Jul 2014 New laws to regulate the entitlements of injured Victorian workers
20 Jun 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers helps injured worker access damages in County Court
13 Jun 2014 Workers suffering asbestos-related injuries further disadvantaged
2 Jun 2014 TAC decision almost ruined school holidays for one Frankston family
30 May 2014 Car accidents hit young Victorians the hardest
23 May 2014 Victorian WorkCover Authority posts net result of over $600 million
15 May 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers Obtain WorkCover Compensation for a Volunteer
9 May 2014 Injured worker loses appeal over stressful working conditions
1 May 2014 Adviceline Injury Lawyers wins Serious Injury Certificate for injured worker
17 Apr 2014 Treating doctors sceptical of WorkCover assistance
11 Apr 2014 Partners at Adviceline Injury Lawyers named among Best Lawyers in Australia
27 Mar 2014 Changes to specialist appointments under the TAC system
21 Mar 2014 Insurers use social media against injured Plaintiffs
14 Mar 2014 Personal injury barrister joins Adviceline Injury Lawyers as partner
7 Mar 2014 Growing Springvale office to help more injured workers
28 Feb 2014 Conciliation – challenging decisions of WorkCover insurers
17 Feb 2014 Pain and suffering consequences – balancing between what has been lost and what retained
13 Feb 2014 Public Transport Users get more TAC Help
7 Feb 2014 Heatwave spells trouble for workers
31 Jan 2014 Injured Victorians unaware of their entitlement to ongoing compensation
24 Jan 2014 Calls for greater protection for injured firefighters
16 Jan 2014 Transport accidents still a major source of pain for Victorians
19 Dec 2013 Serious Injury Applications worth the wait
5 Dec 2013 Review of the Wrongs Act and the entitlements of injured Victorians
3 Dec 2013 WorkCover set to move to Geelong
28 Nov 2013 Supreme Court overturns Medical Panel opinion
22 Nov 2013 Coroner releases footage of Gong Ling Tang
18 Nov 2013 Adviceline assist family of man who died after police custody
6 Nov 2013 CSR failed application to transfer asbestos case to NSW
1 Nov 2013 High Court limits Medical Panel Opinions to specific circumstances
25 Oct 2013 WorkCover Certificates trends and tendencies
17 Oct 2013 State Government introduces changes to TAC compensation
15 Oct 2013 Profits at the expense of much needed benefits?
4 Oct 2013 Stressful claims reduce prospects of recovery for injured people
26 Sep 2013 New WorkCover laws introduced into Parliament
19 Sep 2013 Recent success at the County Court for injured employee
13 Sep 2013 TAC decision to reject medical expenses overturned by VCAT
5 Sep 2013 Injured sailor settles claim for compensation
30 Aug 2013 Family of Indian nurse receive compensation for dependency
22 Aug 2013 New Panel announced to consider compensation for firefighters
16 Aug 2013 County Court success for injured employee
9 Aug 2013 Recent trends in workers seeking compensation
1 Aug 2013 Asbestos Cancer Breakthrough
31 Jul 2013 Sexual assault at work – A big no no
29 Jul 2013 Coroner blames Frankston Hospital for death of young woman
19 Jul 2013 Melton Office now open
14 Jul 2013 Regular medical and legal reviews for asbestos victims
31 May 2013 Adviceline Injury Lawyers leading the charge
30 May 2013 Serious Injury win for electrician
15 May 2013 Big settlement for amputee motorcyclist
14 May 2013 Sex injury case heading to the High Court
29 Apr 2013 Serious Injury – heard and decided in one day!
16 Apr 2013 Asbestos scourge needs to be tackled
13 Mar 2013 Damages settlement for stressed teacher
4 Mar 2013 Recent Court decision underlines importance of an accurate claim form
28 Feb 2013 Accident Compensation Act to be Reviewed
25 Feb 2013 Court of Appeal refuses leave on Special Religion Classes challenge
13 Feb 2013 Settlements for public liability clients
4 Feb 2013 Asbestos exposure: recent settlement
31 Jan 2013 Risk with rain – Retailer’s liability
21 Jan 2013 Success for worker exposed to industrial noise in the workplace
14 Dec 2012 Section 82(2A) Defence Upheld
8 Dec 2012 Photojournalist PTSD case against The Age
7 Dec 2012 Medical Panel Referral Caution
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