Royal Commission into Aged Care

Royal Commission into Aged Care

Every day, thousands of Australian aged care providers assist our loved ones when they need it most, maintaining that growing older can sometimes mean a loss of independence, but should never mean a loss of dignity.

However sadly, in recent times, a string of scandals in the aged care industry has shone a light on instances of substandard care that are at best, negligent and at worst, abusive. This has sparked public concern and resulted in our newest Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, calling for a Royal Commission into the aged care sector.

The Government has received around 3,000 submissions detailing focal areas the Royal Commission should consider. It is expected that central to the inquiry will be the current standard of care provided to older Australians and the future challenges faced by the industry, particularly in the context of an aging population.

Whilst many have welcomed the announcement of the Royal Commission, others have questioned whether it is the most effective way to address the issues identified within the industry.

Kirsty Osborne, lawyer at Adviceline Injury Lawyers, believes that The Royal Commission will be justified if it truly improves the aged care industry for all stakeholders; providers, residents and their families alike.

Kirsty considers this is most likely to occur if the focus is on identifying factors that enable consistent high quality care and how these can be economically implemented and sustained across the sector.

Whilst incidents of neglect and abuse should be identified and interrogated through the Royal Commission, the emphasis should be on what can be done to ensure that similar occurrences are never repeated.

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